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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Northern Fleet Chases Out American Submarine Illegally Intruding in Russian Territorial Waters

00 northern Fleet. 10.08.14


On Saturday, a high-ranking naval source told us that Northern Fleet anti-submarine forces detected and chased an intruding US submarine from Russian territorial waters, saying, “On 7 August 2014, patrol forces of the Northern Fleet detected a foreign submarine, presumably, a US Navy Virginia-class boat, in the Barents Sea. We sent anti-submarine ships, as well as an Il-38 ASW aircraft, to the area to search for it and track it down”. Russian forces chased the submarine out of Russian waters after a 27-minute contact. Our source said, “This is far from being an isolated incident, we’ve found foreign submarines in the Barents Sea lately. NATO submarines cause serious navigational incidents many times”. In 1992, the USS Baton Rouge collided with the Northern Fleet submarine K-276 Krab in Kolsky Bay. In 1986, the submarine HMS Splendid collided with a Northern Fleet PL Project 941 Akula SSBN.

9 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



10 August 2014. Fox News Reports of Donetsk Siege False and Mendacious… Typical Republican Disregard of Reality

00 Fox News. 15.07.14


Fox News is living up (or should I say, “down”) to its usual standards. It’s reporting that the Galician hillbilly thugs (one can’t call such undisciplined and violent trash soldiers) are surrounding Donetsk!! If that were so, how are foreign volunteers getting into the city? It’s completely untrue… it’s a typical Republican opium dream… it’s much like their substitution of footage from Athens for events supposedly happening in Moscow. Then again, Fox has such stellar lights as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on staff (both are loud warmongers who cowardly punked out and refused to serve in the forces themselves). In short, anyone who depends on Fox for the truth is brain-damaged and clueless. No decent person should attend to Fox’s obvious lies. No Orthodox Christian should ever watch or access their anti-Rodina propaganda. Their ideology is 180 degrees removed from anything taught by the Lord Christ; it’s evil and Anti-Christian to the bone (no, Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck, and Franklin Graham aren’t Christians, they’re American Radical Sectarians, something entirely else altogether). You can stand with Roger Ailes and Antonin Scalia (whose defence of “legal torture” is illegal and immoral under the Nürnberg standards) or you can stand with V A Chaplin and HH… I KNOW where I stand on that one…

This is why the US Republican Party is cruisin’ for a bruisin’… it refuses to face reality… when reality doesn’t please them, they simply make things up. After all, it has the likes of Rick Perry (the most supremely corrupt pol in the USA) in its ranks. Take heart… the neoliberal edifice erected by Slobberin’ Ronnie is tottering… it’s why they’re lying about events in the Ukraine. They don’t want you to know how deeply they are in the shit (and their clients are in even worse shape). I gotta walk away from this one… the Fox News zombies aren’t going to listen… they truly believe what these poseurs churn out.

Moral Communist Fairness or Amoral Republican Theft. that’s the choice on offer. Why do the Republicans hate Communism? That’s simple… under communism, they couldn’t steal what they do under crapitalism. They wouldn’t have their house in the “right” swanky suburb or their country club membership or their wetback nannies and gardeners! Poor babies! Choose well… I have. What’s that? Which side of the barricades am I on? I don’t think that I have to spell it out, do I? As I said, choose well, the fate of your immortal soul IS at stake…


10 August 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Bayan Miks… The Accordion STILL Rules in Russian Pop Culture

00 Bayan Miks 02. 10.08.14


Roses on the Snow with Anzhelika Argubash


00 Bayan Miks 01. 10.08.14


A Bulgarian Hora (Dance)… music doesn’t start until 0:30… starts slow, then, pow!


00 Bayan Miks 03. 10.08.14


Watch Out for the Car!


00 Bayan Miks 04. 10.08.14


Bayan Miks with Marina Devyatova singing Mamochka… watch it fullscreen in 1080p HD… awesome!


The accordion STILL rules in Russian pop culture… as long as there’s kvass, accordions, Borodinsky khleb, dill pickles, kolbasa, and arbuzi… there’s always gonna be a Russia! Bayan Miks is a good example of how traditional folk culture has adapted to the modern world. Russia is returning to Soviet standards in pop culture, rejecting Western degeneracy (especially, the perverted Anglo American version). Russian people love the old Sov songs as they’re positive and upbeat, without any of the nasty and dirty nuances found in Western “popular” music. I’d say that if I had to choose between Soviet standards and Anglo American standards… there’s no contest… the Sov standards are cleaner, more morally pure, and more decent. Keep that in mind as you hear the usual cast of suspects attack the legacy of the USSR. I know where I stand… what about you?

If the USSR is coming back… let it get here, already! It’s a lot better than the rot found on Fox News and the rubbish spread by the media about Kim Kardashian…


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