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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

13 August 2014. From the Russian Web… Have a Smile… Bonya and Kuzmich Mug Up a Kiesza Song

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14



Bonya and Kuzmich are a parody duo from Perm… their vKontakte page is here. Have a smile… the days are evil, so, we need to laugh TWICE as much as we do in more normal times. This is a hoot… laugh good n’ hearty… isn’t this just like some of the better stuff on KVN? Have a care, kids…



SPC Denied that the RCs Invited Patriarch Irinej to Vatican

00 Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. 09.01.14


In a statement released late on Tuesday on the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) official website, Bishop Irinej Bulović of Bačka said they’re only publicly discussing this topic “because (Catholic) Bishop of Zrenjanin Ladislav Nemet in his statement in the Novi Sad daily Dnevnik misrepresented a meeting between a delegation of the SPC and Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, the Vatican secretary for relations with other countries”. Bishop Irinej said that the government invited Mamberti to Serbia, and that, “as a sign of respect towards the majority (Orthodox) Church and its head, Mamberti’s visit included a courtesy meeting with Serbian Patriarch Irinej and the Holy Synod, on 30 June, at the Patriarchate in Belgrade. In a friendly informal discussion, both sides emphasised the need for further improvement of relations and coöperation between the two churches. They also discussed the need and usefulness of bilateral meetings on high and highest levels, but Mamberti didn’t deliver any historic invitation from Pope Francisco to the Patriarch and members of the Holy Synod to visit the Vatican”.

He added, “Only the bishop of Zrenjanin knows how it is that Patriarch Irinej and members of the Holy Synod agreed to visit the Vatican… and what kind of diplomatic negotiations on ways to organise this visit” are now going on… something that Nemet also spoke about. According to Bishop Irinej, Nemet consistently demonstrates “his obsessive need to deal with the SPC and lecture it”. He added that the likely real purpose of Nemet’s “excursion” was to inflict yet another insult to the SPC, its leader, and the entire Serb nation… “by comparing us to kindergarten children that do everything out of spite. In any case, dialogue and cooperation amongst the churches won’t be called into question because of the sensationalist public statements of Bishop Nemet, that are counterproductive exactly to what he verbally and formally stands for. At the same time, he’s obviously not aware of the danger of excluding himself for a long time, perhaps permanently, from the dialogue that is ongoing despite the many challenges and obstacles”.

13 August 2014



13 August 2014. Video. Opolchenie STOMP Right Sector Uniate Terrorists in DNR

00 donetsk. 01. 24.06.14


There’s some graphic shit in this vid. NOT FOR KIDS… click on the “YouTube” in the lower-righthand corner to access the vid… it’ll ask you to click a link to verify your age… otherwise, the embedded vid gives you an error message.


Poroshenko’s boasting that he’s gonna take Donetsk by 24 August. Good fuckin’ luck, I say! He boasted that he was gonna take Donetsk by the end of July… well, it’s 13 August… and the opolchenie are still kickin’ Uniate ass and keeping out the junta pigs. THIS is what the opolchenie did to a bunch of Right Sector terrorists… they didn’t get anywhere, did they? The opolchenie are fighting for their very lives and for the lives of their families (the Uniate pigs murder family members of the opolchenietsy… the Uniates were demonic killers in the VOV (ask the Poles of Volyn)… they’re demonic killers now). Trust me, no one in the DNR or LNR wants to bend the knee to Yatsenyuk the Rabbit, Turdchinov the Baptist apostate, Klichko the “let ’em eat cake” oligarch boxer, and (last, but definitely not least) Yuliya the Landshark.

The junta is fighting the one kind of war that it can’t win…a war of attrition. It’s pressganged 60-year-olds as young men are dodging the draft. If the junta doesn’t win in six weeks, they’re in the deep shit… and they know it. All of Hilly’s horses and all of Biden’s men couldn’t put the junta together again…


13 August 2014. The Biggest Arbuz in the World… from Spain, NOT the Kuban!

00 biggest watermelon in world 01. 13.08.14


00 biggest watermelon in world 02. 13.08.14

The biggest arbuz in the world… from Spain! Oh, the humanity…


The foremost watermelon fans in the world are… RUSSIANS! Take a back seat, American black folks (sorry, Lenny Rock), we Russians are the real deal real-world champs of watermelon appreciation. However, there’s no joy in Mudville (or should I say, Gryaznoe Selo) today… the world’s biggest arbuz is from… Spain! The proud grower is one Antonio González Casillas and it won first prize at the San Bartolomé fiesta in his small town (naturally).

Here’s to Señor González Casillas… damn, we’re just going to have to try harder. What’s that you say… you have a FILTHY mind with that cackle… I wasn’t thinking that at all, sir… truly!


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