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Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Geopolitics for Dummies

00 Geopolitics for Dummies. 14.08.14


Mother Russia is calling the kids home… need I say more?



The Junta No Longer Popular with Kievans

00 Sergei Korsun. Klichko gives his answer to the people of Kiev. 14.08.14


Until recently, most Kiev residents were glad that the Ukraine broke off relations with Russia; they thought that they’d live better than before and that they wouldn’t need Russian gas supplies. They supported Poroshenko and they expected to get aid from the EU and the USA. However, there’s no aid on the way and prices are on the rise. Then, Gazprom shut off the gas because the Ukies didn’t pay their bills. What happened? They cut off the hot water in Kiev. Mayor Vitaly Klichko didn’t solve the problem… he didn’t even promise to do anything about it. On the contrary, he told everyone that they had to suffer, he told them to insulate their apartments, or they’d be cold this coming winter. There was a wild rush on the shops… people rushed out to buy boilers and heaters. Sergei Pavlov, a heating specialist at one of the stores noted, “We sold a year’s worth of merchandise in a week! We don’t have anything left in the warehouses”. The situation was much the same at other stores.

Nevertheless, the fact that the authorities turned off the Central Heating Plant (TETs) hot water supply won’t save anyone anything. People are just heating up pans of water on their home gas stoves. Dmitri Marunich, co-chairman of Energy Strategies, noted, “This is even more expensive in the end. If you heat water on home stoves, the efficiency is 50 percent, whilst its 80 percent if you do it at a TETs”. This winter, everyone expects that Kiev, a city with three million residents, will have a full-blown energy crisis. Yuri Bondar, former head of the Kiev Gorsoviet Commission on Housing (ZhKKh), warned, “The city will have to go into austerity mode regarding the gas supply. People will turn on heaters and boilers, which’d overload the electrical network. This’d cause local and rolling blackouts. After all, the electrical supply system is in poor condition, substations are working at 90-105 percent capacity, whilst 75 percent is a more acceptable limit”.

Ukrainian gas reserves could last until the end of the year. Previously, experts believed that supplies would run out at the beginning of autumn, but the shutdown of businesses gave the authorities “a hand”… as enterprises are idle, it was possible to save fuel. In addition, the authorities reduced by one-third the gas allotments for those businesses still in operation. No one knows exactly how much coal is in national reserves. According to various estimates, the thermal power plants have 2.3 million tons of coal in their stockpiles. This isn’t enough for the need. If in the war in the Donbass doesn’t end in the near future, there’ll be none left.

It looks like the people of Kiev may have to head back to the Maidan to overthrow another government.

15 August 2014

Anna Chaikina

Komsomolskaya Pravda



VVP is playing a waiting game. The people of Kiev are finding out what it’s like to live under Galician Uniate hillbilly fascist “Consciousness”… and they don’t like it one bit. What is Poroshenko and his puppeteer Darlin’ Yuliya to do? Have you noted that Yuliya’s been MIA, hasn’t she? Where is she? I think that she’s skipped Dodge, and that she stole a good chunk o’ change in the process.

There are four takeaways from this. Firstly, VVP expects Novorossiya to hold out. This will fuck up Poroshenko. Secondly, January and February will be horrendous in Kiev. There won’t be heat, let alone no hot water. Thirdly, the junta told the people to go to hell… Klichko acted like a typical Republican… “Insulate your apartments or suffer! Oh… we’re going to cut your salary so that can’t buy it. You’re no good and you’re improvident”. In other words, “Let ‘em eat cake!” Lastly… business is at a halt without Russian trade, and the EU and the USA need nothing that the Ukraine produces. Without Russia, the Ukraine is nothing but a vast slum and staging area for NATO forces. The EU/USA never intended to help the Ukraine, they only intended to help themselves. The Galician Uniates are finding out that the West isn’t going to help… not now, not next week, not when VVP finally does move in Novorossiya. I think that VVP is waiting for a countercoup. That’s not without the realm of possibility.

I hadn’t posted much on the war lately as none of the things that I saw came up to my standards (the junta is particularly snarky, nothing that it says is truthful or grounded in reality). However, this is a fact… the junta’s clock is ticking down… and the USA and the EU don’t have the means to help it. It’s a dead duck… the only question is WHEN it’s going down, not IF it’s going down. God help the poor suffering people of Novorossiya, Podkarpatskaya Rus, Malorossiya, and the Lvovshchina… the UGKTs, schismatics, and sectarians want to drag them down into the abyss with them. I fear the worst…


14 August 2014. WordPress Rolled Out a “New n’ Improved” New Post Feature… Mucked Things Up Horrendously

01 sick computer


I loved WordPress as a blogging platform… it was simple, intuitive, and easy to access from the main pages of my various blogs. Well, they decided to “improve” things. They fucked things up royally instead. If you click on the “new post” or “edit this” on the public pages, you get a goofy image telling you, “beep beep boop”, it takes forever to load, and some of the features on the editor are missing. If that ain’t all, the “tag” function has gone to hell. You used to be able to type in three or four letters, and you’d get suggestions from your previous tags. That’s gone.

A big BRONX CHEER to whomever designed this “upgrade!” I do daresay that I’m not the only person pissed off at this…


14 August 2014. Bring ‘Em Home… End the Perpetual Warfare… Send Romney, Biden, Cruz, and Hilly to War Instead!

00 Bring 'em Home! 14.08.14



The Chicken Hawk pigs are beating the war drums again… they want to march on Iraq, China, Syria, Russia, and Novorossiya (all at once!)… we’ve had continual warfare since the USSR imploded. It proves that the USSR was innocent, and that the USA was a rogue state wishing war upon the world. America suffered its first defeat since 1992 in South Ossetia, but the Establishment covers it up and hopes that you don’t draw the proper lesson from it. Right now, the USA is war-weary and its economy is knackered because the war-pigs (both Republicans and Democrats) spent all of our substance on wars in foreign parts and on simultaneous massive tax breaks for the Affluent Effluent. There’s nothing left in the cupboard… unless we slam our boot into the faces of the elderly, poor, and unfortunate… which is what the Republican satanists want.

If you listen to and follow cowardly greedster pigs like Romney, Beck, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Santorum, O’Reilly, Hannity, Nugent, Biden, Rubio, Ryan, and Cruz, who all refused to serve their country with the colours, you reveal yourself as stupid, clueless, and ignorant. I say this to your face! Very few, if any, of the warmongers served themselves… they’re too GOOD to serve. Your sons can die… but theirs are exempt, don’t ya know. If you support the American Establishment drive for global hegemony, you abet evil… I oppose you and everything that you stand for. There is NO ground for compromise. That’s why I oppose those Orthodox who want to ally us with rightwing forces… they help advance evil and none of us should stand for it. An anti-abortion bleat is NOT “pro-life”… do think on that…



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