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Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. Video. THIS is What the American Establishment Supports in the Ukraine… This is Why We Can Have NOTHING to Do with the Uniate Pig Hierarchy and Churches

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This is the YouTube description:

Published on 8 Aug 2014

[Rada People’s Deputy] Irina Farion from the Svoboda faction, which took power in the 2014 revolution in the Ukraine, tells children in a kindergarten that their names are wrong. This woman has also said things like, “The demonstrators against the government should be killed”, and after the arson fire in Odessa that killed 35+ anti-Kiev demonstrators, she wrote on Facebook, “Bravo Odessa…. Let the demons burn in hell”.

This is evil. This is why I hate EVERYTHING that Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Rod Dreher, and John Whiteford stand for… their support of the American Establishment (which, sadly enough, is “bipartisan”) upholds those who hate our Faith, our Motherland, our Holy Rus, and our Great Russian Civilisation and Culture. You can’t be in both camps. You are either for Christ and Holy Russia or you are for the USA and Godless Mammon. There’s no other choice. I’ve chosen. What about you? You may have real religion and follow Christ or you can have sectarian goo and follow Jayzuss/Jesus™. As always… it’s up to you. You can believe in Christ and His Church or you can believe in the Bible and its 10,000 interpretations. Choose well…

By the way, “niceness” doesn’t mean a hill o’ beans… some of the “nicest” people that I know are proponents of evil ideologies. Have a care… the times are indeed crank and disordered…



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