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Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 August 2014. APL “Walruses” Bathing in Polynya Near the North Pole

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You’ve been hearing all sorts of rot from CNN, the New York Times, Fox News, and Radio Liberty. Well, here’ s the truth… Russians aren’t ogres… Russians aren’t ravening killers… they’re rather ordinary sorts with a streak of mischief, like all normal people. Don’t listen to those beating the war drums… they’re paid whores for the American Corporate Oligarchy… they beat the drums hard, for if they didn’t, they’d lose their jobs and they’d have to leave their homes in the “right” suburb and survive on salaries closer to the median.

Keep focused… mistrust ANYONE who writes for or is a “wheel” in the American media machine (that covers several well-known Orthodox figures, kids). They’re casual and sincere liars… if they’re liars in one sphere… you catch my drift…



16 August 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Bayan Miks (Reprise)… GOOD Clean Russian Fun

00 Pres Putin with Bayan Miks. 16.08.14

Bayan Miks with President Putin at the Winter Olympics in Sochi


Bayan Miks is joined by mime/KVNshchik Yuri Askarov (the “Russian Mr Bean“), along with Svyatoslav Sergeyevich Voitenko… Sergei Voitenko’s son… there be a future for bayanists…




Bayan Miks does the “Zorba thing”


In this time of war and crisis, it’s imperative that we step away from it from time to time… at the height of the Blitz, Brits sang and smiled with George Formby… that was a HEALTHY thing. Have a smile…


16 August 2014. Now, For Something Entirely Different… There Be Orthodoxy in Darkest Africa, I Hear…

00 african orthodox church. 16.08.14



Do you know WHY Holy Orthodoxy is the fastest growing religion in Sub-Saharan Africa? Of course, it’s the True Faith and it appears to simple innocent people with signs and wonders. However, there’s more to it… unlike the RCs and Protestants, Orthodoxy appeared in Black Africa as ANTI-imperialist. It didn’t come in under the protection of the colonialists’ bayonets. Catholics, Anglicans, and Protestants all came to the black man as a part of the white man’s often brutal, sometimes patronising, but always condescending dictatorship.

On the other hand, Orthodoxy came to modern Africa from Greece and (especially) Cyprus. Cyprus, like much of Africa, had been under arrogant and arbitrary British rule and imperialism. Like the Africans, the Cypriots loathed their “paternal” overlords and their condescending snootiness… they struggled long and hard to break free. When Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda struggled for their freedom and dignity after World War II, they found rich support from Metropolitan Makarios of Cyprus, who furnished Africans with both spiritual weaponry (The Holy Faith) and material weaponry (military training and support from Cyprus).

The African peoples NEVER forgot this… Greeks and Russians (yes, even in the time of the USSR) won the love of the African peoples… and their Faith inspired Africans too… Orthodox Christianity. It was a Christianity free of the White Man’s Diktat. The struggle of the Kenyan freedom fighters against the Brit occupiers was a hard one, as the Brits had no scruples and spared no one. However, with God’s help, in the end, the natives kicked out the Brits and won their freedom. Cyprus was the first nation to recognise the sovereignty and independence of almost a dozen African states. Africans haven’t forgotten this… nor have they forgotten the cruelties of the conceited and snotty Western Europeans and Anglo Americans. We see their narcissism and wilfulness in the Ukraine today, don’t we? They sure haven’t changed, have they?


16 October 2014. A I Solzhenitsyn on the Ukraine… Prophetic Words Written in 1968

00 Cuz Freedom Ain't Free. 26.10.13


The Gulag Archipelago

Part 5, Chapter 2

(written 1968; published 1974)

It pains me to write this as the Ukraine and Russia are merged in my blood, in my heart, and in my thoughts. However, extensive experience of friendly contacts with Ukrainians in the camps has shown me how much of a painful grudge they hold. Our generation won’t escape from paying for the mistakes of our fathers. To stamp one’s foot and shout, “This is mine!” is the easiest option. It is far more difficult to say, “Those who want to live, live!” Surprising as it may be, the Marxist teaching prediction that nationalism is fading hasn’t come true. On the contrary, in an age of nuclear research and cybernetics, it has for some reason flourished. The time is coming for us, whether we like it or not, to repay all the promissory notes of self-determination and independence; we should do it ourselves and not wait to be burnt at the stake, drowned in a river, or beheaded. We must prove that we’re a great nation, not with the vastness of our territory or the number of peoples in our care, but with the greatness of our deeds, and with the depth of ploughing what we shall have left after those lands that won’t want to stay with us secede.

With the Ukraine, things will get extremely painful. Nevertheless, one has to understand the degree of tension they feel. As it’s been impossible for centuries to resolve it, it’s now down to us to show good sense. We must hand over the decision-making to them… federalists or separatists, whichever of them wins. Not to give in would be mad and cruel. The more lenient, patient, coherent we now are, the more hope there’d be to restore unity in future. Let them live it, let them test it. They’d soon understand that not all problems are resolved through separation. Since in different Ukrainian regions there are varying proportions of those who consider themselves Ukrainians, those who consider themselves Russians, and those who consider themselves neither, there’d be many difficulties there. Maybe, it’d be necessary to have a referendum in each region and then ensure preferential and delicate treatment of those who’d want to leave. Not the whole of the Ukraine in its current formal Soviet borders is indeed Ukrainian. Some regions on the left bank [of the Dnepr] clearly lean more towards Russia. As for the Crimea, Khrushchyov’s decision to hand it over to the Ukraine was totally arbitrary. What about Carpathian (Red) Ruthenia? That’d serve as a test, too… whilst demanding justice for themselves, how just will the Ukrainians be to Carpatho-Russians?

A I Solzhenitsyn

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