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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. There IS a Holy Rus… and It Spreads Over Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine

00 Belarus. priest blessing soldiers. 23.08.14


These are Belarusian soldiers being blessed by an Orthodox priest. There IS a Holy Rus… it does include Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine at a minimum. Holy Rus wants to live in peace with all other peoples of good will. Of course, that means that Holy Rus, by definition, must come into conflict with International Capital… which doesn’t live in good will towards others… the only things that it believes in are “might makes right”, “winning is the only thing”, and “money makes the world go around”. Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan and Haggy Maggie Thatcher brought in this era, this New Dark Age. Is it on the way out? I’d hope so…

Support Holy Rus… oppose International Capital… that’s how you honor God and His Church… ’nuff said.



23 August 2014. Eppur si Muove! Uniate/Oligarch Junta Can’t Beat Them Patriots in Novorossiya!

00 novorossiya 01. 16.08.14

This guy is carrying an anti-tank rifle from the VOV… but it still works and it still can shoot “soft” vehicles full of holes… it can also knock out light armoured vehicles.


00 novorossiya 02. 16.08.14

This is a tank captured from the junta… in many cases, the crews come with the vehicles and fight on the patriot side.


00 novorossiya 03. 16.08.14

Unlike the junta, the patriots have no trouble getting recruits. They’re fighting the only war worth fighting… defending one’s homeland from a godless and ruthless aggressor. The opolchenietsy are fighting for their families… many in the junta forces fight for money, loot, or the chance to murder Orthodox (the last is especially true of Galician Uniate fanatics). Most of the junta soldiers don’t want to fight at all… they’re the saddest sacks in this war.


Mirabile dictu! The Western news machine is stunned… it’s silent… it’s stopped in the headlights. The patriot forces in Novorossiya are winning against the junta forces. Poroshenko boasted that Donetsk and Lugansk would fall by the end of July… that didn’t happen. Then, he predicted that Lugansk and Donetsk would fall by 24 August. Well, that didn’t happen either. There’s no more hot water in Kiev and there’s ersatz bread on the shelves… no one expects the junta to survive. Not even the West does… do note that they’re not making emergency food shipments to Kiev. That’s because when the USA sent MREs earlier this year, oligarch shits like Kolomoisky and Poroshenko stole them and sold them on the internet instead of issuing them to the army.

The poor working stiffs in Kiev and Novorossiya suffer… junta shits like the Rabbit, Yuliya, Turdchinov, Avakov, Poroshenko, and the Klichkos all dine on suckling pig and take hot showers. Do note that Yuliya’s nowhere  to be found. Is she lying doggo abroad? What does she know that we don’t? However, one thing IS clear… she’s taken a good chunk of change with her, no matter where she’s hiding at present. This is evil… and the US Republican Party supports it with its lunatic “Russian Aggression Protection Act”. If you’re a diaspora Orthodox Christian, and you support the Republican Party, you’re a goddamned fool, and I say such openly, to your face. Also note that the UGKTs is unrepentant in its support of the junta and of the murders of Orthodox priests in Novorossiya and the burning of Orthodox churches and monasteries there.

I know where I stand!



23 August 2014. Ilyich Asks You, “Well, How Can You Live Under Capitalism?”

00 Well, how can you live under capitalism. 22.08.14


There’s no more hot water in Kiev working-class apartments. Pensions are half of what they once were, and workers are hitting the bricks due to closing enterprises (most of the Ukrainian economy catered to the Russian market). Adulterated bread is on sale in Kiev bakeries and many goods are no longer to be found in the shops for any price. Most men are on the lam from the draft… no one wants to die for the oligarch/Uniate fascist junta. The natural gas supply is running out and is due to be gone in the depths of a winter that many predict will be the coldest in decades. The junta is Capitalism on Steroids! They’re smashing their heel into the faces of ordinary people, and the US Republican Party and the Uniate hierarchy giggle their demented approval of it all.

Ilyich asks you, “Well, do you want to live under Capitalism?” I think that we’re seeing the answer to that in the former Ukraine. Who woulda thunk it… when the commies said, “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live”, they weren’t joking. Remember the bitter joke that circulates today in all former lands of the USSR, “We knew that they were lying to us about communism, but we didn’t realise that they were telling the truth to us about capitalism”. Don’t listen to capitalist propaganda about Ilyich… he wasn’t an angel; he wasn’t a demon. He was a fallible human being… but he WAS a man who didn’t steal… who didn’t put on airs… who wasn’t corrupt… who truly treated all as equals… who lived modestly and without ostentation… who was flexible and willing to admit that he was wrong (NEP, any one?).

The people suffer. The oligarchs shit on the people and the Uniate/schismatical priests bless the oppressors. This is evil… and I’m not the only one to think so…


23 August 2014. THIS is Why Georgia WON’T be in the EU Any Time Soon…

00 Georgia 01. 23.08.14


00 Georgia. Tbilissi. procession. 08.06.14


00 georgian soldiers. orthodox. 08.06.14


The EU has demanded that Georgia put in pro-gay laws or they won’t let them in. Well, Patriarch Ilie said that Georgian people wouldn’t stand for that. The Western media vilified him… he was only speaking the truth. If they put such laws into place now, it’d lead to massive civil disobedience… it’d actually put things BACK… but the Westerners (the Anglos, in particular) are so clueless and stupid that they don’t see it at all. If the EU wants Georgia, they have to take it as it is. They won’t be able to change any hearts or minds… this is the Caucasus, after all! Trust me… it WILL NOT happen! Look at the above images… even if they only go to Easter liturgy and that’s it, most Georgians consider themselves Orthodox (they don’t use the goofy screwball Proddie definitions of membership that the American konvertsy use) and that still means something in these parts. If the West tries to ram pro-gay laws down their throats, the Georgians will realise that the Russians ARE their friends. There IS such a thing as the Law of Unintended Consequences…


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