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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. Eppur si Muove! Uniate/Oligarch Junta Can’t Beat Them Patriots in Novorossiya!

00 novorossiya 01. 16.08.14

This guy is carrying an anti-tank rifle from the VOV… but it still works and it still can shoot “soft” vehicles full of holes… it can also knock out light armoured vehicles.


00 novorossiya 02. 16.08.14

This is a tank captured from the junta… in many cases, the crews come with the vehicles and fight on the patriot side.


00 novorossiya 03. 16.08.14

Unlike the junta, the patriots have no trouble getting recruits. They’re fighting the only war worth fighting… defending one’s homeland from a godless and ruthless aggressor. The opolchenietsy are fighting for their families… many in the junta forces fight for money, loot, or the chance to murder Orthodox (the last is especially true of Galician Uniate fanatics). Most of the junta soldiers don’t want to fight at all… they’re the saddest sacks in this war.


Mirabile dictu! The Western news machine is stunned… it’s silent… it’s stopped in the headlights. The patriot forces in Novorossiya are winning against the junta forces. Poroshenko boasted that Donetsk and Lugansk would fall by the end of July… that didn’t happen. Then, he predicted that Lugansk and Donetsk would fall by 24 August. Well, that didn’t happen either. There’s no more hot water in Kiev and there’s ersatz bread on the shelves… no one expects the junta to survive. Not even the West does… do note that they’re not making emergency food shipments to Kiev. That’s because when the USA sent MREs earlier this year, oligarch shits like Kolomoisky and Poroshenko stole them and sold them on the internet instead of issuing them to the army.

The poor working stiffs in Kiev and Novorossiya suffer… junta shits like the Rabbit, Yuliya, Turdchinov, Avakov, Poroshenko, and the Klichkos all dine on suckling pig and take hot showers. Do note that Yuliya’s nowhere  to be found. Is she lying doggo abroad? What does she know that we don’t? However, one thing IS clear… she’s taken a good chunk of change with her, no matter where she’s hiding at present. This is evil… and the US Republican Party supports it with its lunatic “Russian Aggression Protection Act”. If you’re a diaspora Orthodox Christian, and you support the Republican Party, you’re a goddamned fool, and I say such openly, to your face. Also note that the UGKTs is unrepentant in its support of the junta and of the murders of Orthodox priests in Novorossiya and the burning of Orthodox churches and monasteries there.

I know where I stand!



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