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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. From the Russian Web… A Photo Essay… THIS is Our Future! Dem Crazy Kids…

00 goofy kids 01. 23.08.14

That’s almost “Chinglish” (howlers in English produced by Sinophones)…


00 goofy kids 02. 23.08.14.jpg

“I cum in pies”… I ain’t going there…


00 goofy kids 03. 23.08.14.jpg

“I love Satan!” Now, that’s a “seasoned greetings!” (that was a “slip of the lip” that I heard from an adult!)


00 goofy kids 04. 23.08.14.jpg

Look at that “chef’s hat”… the poor kid didn’t realise what the dirty-minded “grown-ups” are going to make of that, coupled with the caption…


00 goofy kids 05. 23.08.14.jpg

Kids ARE innocent… that’s why pervs are so evil. Yes, kids DO grow up… but at the proper time and place. Otherwise, we fuck ’em up for good. NEVER forget that…


We all needed a break from the war news. Yes, it’s there, and we’ll be back soon enough… but let’s decompress for a moment or two…


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