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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. Ilyich Asks You, “Well, How Can You Live Under Capitalism?”

00 Well, how can you live under capitalism. 22.08.14


There’s no more hot water in Kiev working-class apartments. Pensions are half of what they once were, and workers are hitting the bricks due to closing enterprises (most of the Ukrainian economy catered to the Russian market). Adulterated bread is on sale in Kiev bakeries and many goods are no longer to be found in the shops for any price. Most men are on the lam from the draft… no one wants to die for the oligarch/Uniate fascist junta. The natural gas supply is running out and is due to be gone in the depths of a winter that many predict will be the coldest in decades. The junta is Capitalism on Steroids! They’re smashing their heel into the faces of ordinary people, and the US Republican Party and the Uniate hierarchy giggle their demented approval of it all.

Ilyich asks you, “Well, do you want to live under Capitalism?” I think that we’re seeing the answer to that in the former Ukraine. Who woulda thunk it… when the commies said, “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live”, they weren’t joking. Remember the bitter joke that circulates today in all former lands of the USSR, “We knew that they were lying to us about communism, but we didn’t realise that they were telling the truth to us about capitalism”. Don’t listen to capitalist propaganda about Ilyich… he wasn’t an angel; he wasn’t a demon. He was a fallible human being… but he WAS a man who didn’t steal… who didn’t put on airs… who wasn’t corrupt… who truly treated all as equals… who lived modestly and without ostentation… who was flexible and willing to admit that he was wrong (NEP, any one?).

The people suffer. The oligarchs shit on the people and the Uniate/schismatical priests bless the oppressors. This is evil… and I’m not the only one to think so…


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