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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! Little Mizz Ginny Falls Into the Pit (AGAIN!)… oca.org Does Its Usual Shitty Job

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


Well, it didn’t surprise me, but it’s sad to note that oca.org didn’t note the passing of John Richard Daeuenhauer… the guy was famous throughout the state of Alaska and beyond, he was a big sweat in promoting and preserving the Tlingit language, he wrote kick-ass poetry, what’s not to like? However, oca.org didn’t note his passing. They DID note a deacon and matushka… but not Mr Daeunhauer… and this happened on TUESDAY, kids… FOUR DAYS AGO. This is proof, even for the slow learners, that Lil’ Mizz Ginny is incompetent and clueless… she doesn’t know how to run an official website. She may have the credentials to do so, but her actions show that she doesn’t know shit from shinola about the real world and how to go about one’s work in it. I know what I would’ve done… but I’m not going to give this lazy gofer any hints on how to do her job. Trust me, the news would’ve been up, and any person of good sense would know how I did it. This shows that Lyonyo and the Syosset mob have nothing but contempt for you… but, that’s not news, is it? However (as Chukcha the Wise would have it)… Lyonyo (and all the First Family apparat) does approve of journalistic drooling running dogs like Victor Potapov, Serge Schmemann, Freddy M-G, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Rod Dreher… so, his patronage of Lil’ Mizz Ginny isn’t exactly a surprise, is it?

SHAME ON oca.org!

However, do note that they lose no sleep over it. That’s how much contempt that they have for ordinary believers. May God see and judge!


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