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Monday, 25 August 2014

25 August 2014. The Media Got the 24 August Parade in Kiev All Wrong

00 Kiev. riots 01. 21.01.14

Poroshenko fears a new American-fomented Maidan… that’s why the parade. America has a history of stabbing its client strongmen in the back… Diem, anyone?


There’s been much hot air about the 24 August military parade in Kiev. Firstly, it had NOTHING to do with the present war in Novorossiya. Nope, and it wasn’t put on to fool foreign military attaches (who do know the real deal… they have access to intel that tells the real story of the Ukrainian forces). It was Kabuki meant for a domestic audience. The forces on parade mostly came from special SBU and MVDU VV units tasked with control of the government quarter in Kiev and protection of the president… that is, they’re Poroshenko’s counter-coup force. These guys are NEVER going to Novorossiya… they’re staying in Kiev as Poroshenko’s backstop against a rumoured coup. Everyone’s talking about it… the two main culprits that everyone names are Yu V Timoshenko and I V Kolomoisky. Darlin’ Yuliya is nowhere to be found. She’s not only in Parts Unknown… no one has an inkling of where she is. Kolomoisky is still in Dnepropetrovsk (he’s sheltering former Donetsk boss Taruta)… Poroshenko has sent Kolomoisky’s personal battalions to the Novorossiya front to bleed them out in the fruitless battle against the patriots. What also hinders Kolomoisky is that he’s a Jew, which necessitates him signing up a Uke partner.

However, these aren’t the only dramatis personae… there’s V I Balogh, the Mafia boss of Podkarpatskaya, a former partner in crime (literally) of Poroshenko. Poroshenko promised Balogh a Vice Premier slot, but reneged. Soon afterwards, one of Poroshenko’s aides turned up dead in their car in Zhitomir (somebody shot them). My, what a coincidence! The Rabbit is Yuliya’s long-time bagman… that’s what got him a mansion only 300 metres away from Yanukovich’s. I don’t think that Poroshenko trusts him at all (he’s following Don Vito’s word of wisdom, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”). Avakov is the CIA’s running dog. The word has it that Langley recruited him when he was in the slam in Italy, nicked for real estate fraud. He’s not Poroshenko’s man, either. Turdchinov is the worst of all. He’s an apostate, which means that he’s generally untrustworthy (he might be more of Langley’s man than Avakov is… Turdchinov has ties to Pat Robertson and his goofy rightwing crowd). Last,  but not least are Lyashko and Tyagnibok, the neo-Nazi goons. They’re real wild cards… Tyagnibok teamed up with Kolomoisky to utz the Rabbit (now, that’s an Odd Couple), for instance.

In fact, Poroshenko is surrounded by enemies that he can’t outmanoeuvre, that he can’t kill, and that he can’t get rid of. Ergo, he needs to show that he has the military force to put down any coup. Here’s the rub… are these guys loyal to Poroshenko? If not, there’s gonna be some real fireworks, and soon. Again, the parade in Kiev wasn’t a Potemkin Village for foreign eyes… it was a message to domestic political opponents, “If you try to unseat me, I’ll fight back”. I fear “interesting” times ahead…



25 August 2014. Video. Commies March in Kharkov with 30-Metre St George Ribbon to Mark Liberation of City from the Fascists in the VOV. Uniate Authorities Banned It… They Did It Anyway… Cops Didn’t Stop It

00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 02. 09.07.14

The Church and the Party are FRIENDS… they march together towards a common goal of social equity and justice…



Them commies in Kharkov got GUTS! The Uniate authorities forbade a march to commemorate the Red Army’s liberation of Kharkov from fascist enslavement in the VOV. The commies marched anyway, with a 30-metre-long St George ribbon and Red Banners flying! Good on the KPU people… they showed that it takes more than a bootless Galician Uniate “illegalisation” to keep ’em down! Remember… the UGKTs glorifies the memory of Nazi collaborators and those who helped the Einsatzkommandos murder Jews and Roma. It BLESSES the present war of aggression in Novorossiya.

You can stand with the brave commies of Novorossiya… HH cheers ’em on! He’s a true-blue socialist (he’s a down n’ dirty bro of the Castro brothers and of Gennady Andreyevich, dontcha know). You can stand with the Uniate junta and its murders of Orthodox priests and targeting of Orthodox churches… S Yu Shevchuk and F  A Denisenko cheer them on. They BLESS the junta’s demonic war of aggression. They also BLESS the unbridled crapitalism of the junta as it drives ordinary people into penury, poverty, and hunger.

YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER. I’ve chosen! I’m for the commies! The Red Banner, Christ’s Church, and the Cross march together… on the other side, the Black Banner of Nihilism, Jayzuss/Jesus™, and the Almighty Dollar march together… do reflect that the Western media supports the latter, not the former. Again, I’ll say it loud n’ proud… I support the commies! 🙂 I support ’em without reservation. They’re in the right here… perhaps, it’s time for a lot of diaspora Russian Orthodox people to reconsider their political stance. The Republican Party hates our Church, Holy Rus, its ethos, and its communitarian stance. Why are you supporting such evil? Get with the programme and turn LEFT…think on it.


25 August 2014. Sic Semper Tyrannis… Patriots Topple Bandera’s Tombstone

00 Bandera grave attacked. 25.08.14


It’s only fair… S A Bandera was a man, who in life, was a murderer and criminal who stopped at nothing… does it surprise you that such generated revenge? Reflect on this… the UGKTs BLESSES his memory… it BLESSES the memory of the Galician SS VOLUNTEERS… it BLESSES those who fought in Nazi collaborationist units. One hardly knows who might’ve done it… the Poles, Russians, Roma, and Jews had no use for him at all, and many leftist Ukrainians feel the same way. It could’ve been any of ’em.

Sic semper tyrannis!


The Ukraine Had Every Opportunity to Become Rich

00 Who are the Banderovtsy. 25.08.14


In the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most successful republics. It combined a highly developed industry like the Baltic States with wealth similar to that of Transcaucasia. If considered apart from the Soviet Union, its industrial potential and natural resources put it in the first rank in Eastern Europe. Its prospects were the envy of any republic of the former Union. Yet, it so happened that independence turned into a social disaster. The Ukraine hasn’t even been able to restore economic performance to 1990 levels, dropping to a level with Armenia and Tajikistan.

Since independence, the Ukrainian population declined by almost 10 million. A third of the population lives below the poverty line. The economy imploded due to crony capitalistic oligarchic feudalism of unbelievable proportions. Showdowns of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk oligarchs degenerated into petty feudal bickering, overshadowing any potential for economic growth. The Ukrainian economy rested on four pillars. Timoshenko destroyed agribusiness, when she signed accession to the WTO on onerous terms. The iron and steel industry is now in a shambles, but that’s a worldwide phenomenon. The chemical industry is in about the same predicament. However, the machine-building industry, which could’ve been an engine of economic growth, decayed. This was due to the intimate ties that such works had with Russian enterprises; independence deprived them of the chance to develop and coöperate closely, which would’ve generated growth and earnings. Regions of the Ukraine are still potentially very rich; the Donbass mines are unique in that they’d be profitable with the right management. However, coal mining in its present form isn’t profitable; it only survives on sweat-shop labour.


✔ 42.9 million people live in the Ukraine

✔ 9.3 percent unemployment in first quarter/2014

✔ 272 USD (9,830 Roubles. 293 AUD. 299 CAD. 206 Euros. 164 UK Pounds) is the average monthly salary

✔ 19 percent is the inflation target for 2014

✔ 151 billion USD (5.46 trillion Roubles. AUD. 165.8 billion CAD. 114.5 billion Euros. 91.1 billion UK Pounds) external debt of the Ukraine in 2014 (forecast)

✔ 4.7 percent decrease in GDP in second quarter/2014 compared to the same period in 2013

Ukrainian Ministry of Finance data 

25 August 2014

Mikhail Delyagin

Director of the Institute of Globalization

Komsomolskaya Pravda



The Galician fascists had 23 years to prove their thesis. They’ve ruined a once-rich country. I often get the feeling that was the West’s intent all along… it knew that the Ukraine would go back to Russia, so, it encouraged trends that would knacker it, and cause Russia to be held back for a generation to rebuild it.

Don’t get smug… the US Republican Party favours policies IDENTICAL to those of the oligarch junta in the Ukraine. It wants to smash its boot into the faces of the poorest, just as the Ukrainian junta does (with the BLESSING of the UGKTs and the schismatics, I might add). The blood and gore doesn’t bother Poroshenko, Balogh, the Rabbit, Turdchinov, and Avakov, and certainly not Mizz Yuliya and Shylock Kolomoisky. Look at it and reflect… that’s what the US Republican Party (or the UK/Canadian Conservative or Australian Liberal Parties) want to do.

Look at what happened in the Ukraine. It was a New Dark Age… and it ain’t over yet. Let’s not have it here…


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