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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26 August 2014. Sophia Kishkovsky Issues Russophobic Blather… What a Loyal Little “Goodthinker” She Is… What Kind of Bone Will Her Anglo Bosses Throw Her For That?

00 Unknown Artist. Majestas Domini (Christ in Majesty). Monestir de Santa Maria de Mur. Castell de Mur (Lleida. Cataluna) SPAIN.

Majestas Domini (Christ in Majesty)

Unknown Artist

11th century

Monestir de Santa Maria de Mur

Castell de Mur (Province of Lleida. Autonomous Community of CatalunyaSPAIN


The post written by Sophia Kishovsky claimed that the Russian Orthodox Church destroyed this image. IT’S A LIE! The article covers Kaliningrad Oblast… and this image wasn’t even there! What a bozo! What a maroon!


Sophia Kishkovsky issued another Russophobic article to add to her collection. Look at this. The image supposedly of  “destroyed iconography” is a FRAUD! It’s a Winnigan’s Fake! Anyone with knowledge of medieval art knows the piece well… IT’S FROM CATALUNYA AND IT WASN’T HARMED AT ALL! Did she know that it was a fraud? Probably not… she’s not overly bright. Also note that the format of the “destroyed” piece doesn’t fit the building involved! However, this does show the depth of contempt that the OCA/ROCOR First Families have for Holy Rus, Holy Orthodoxy, and Orthodox believers. They believe us stupid and bovine.

Sophia Kishkovsky isn’t alone… there’s Vassa Larina… her father, Lyonyo Kishkovsky (the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree, this time)… Victor Potapov… Chad Hatfield (he laughed at Mount Athos, inviting the Jesuit poseur Taft to SVS)… Rod Dreher… Michael Dahulich. The bottom layers of our Church are sound… most of our priests are sound… the “ruling establishment” is rotten to the core and overdue for replacement. Sophia Kishkovsky’s article is proof of that.

SHAME ON YOU, Sofia Leonidovna! You spat on your own to suck up to enemies. This is too much of a muchness…



EU Pressure on Argentina to Halt Food Imports to Russia Might Backfire

00 San Telmo Market. Buenos Aires ARGENTINA. 26.08.14


Peter Koenig, a former World Bank economist, thinks that Argentina would laugh at the EU’s “ridiculously stupid” request not to increase food exports to Russia. A short while ago, the Financial Times reported that the EU was going to try to talk Latin Americans out of supplying Russia with foodstuffs. Several European diplomats visited the region and singled out Argentina as an obvious target for European pressure. Brussels failed to understand that Russia doesn’t need to import foodstuffs from Latin America. In fact, Koenig said that Moscow could help Argentina and other Latin American countries “free themselves from the economic and political pressures constantly exerted … by Washington”.

Commenting on Western sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis, Koenig said that they’d positively affect Russia, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, etc. They’d encourage those countries to “finally escape the claws of the predator empire of Washington, and go the way of independence, namely, towards a new area of economic sovereignty and a new world monetary system”. Koenig pointed up that sanctions promote greater integration of the BRICS countries. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are likely to “come to a consensus … and issue their own currency, backed by about one-third of the world’s economic output and about half the world’s population”. Over the last few years, Russia and China “forged a solid political and economic alliance”. Therefore, they could be the first countries to introduce a new currency “delinked from the corrupt predatory western monetary system”. That currency could replace the dollar as a global reserve currency. Russia and China have a combined GDP of 21.1 trillion USD (762 trillion Roubles. 130 trillion Renminbi. 1.28 quadrillion INR. 23.2 trillion CAD. 22.7 trillion AUD. 16 trillion Euros. 12.72 trillion UK Pounds), about 27 percent of world economic output. Therefore, “a Sino-Russian currency would be backed by solid economic output and commodities”. On the other hand, Koenig explained that the US GDP (17 trillion USD (614 trillion Roubles. 105 trillion Renminbi. 1.03 quadrillion INR. 18.7 trillion CAD. 18.3 trillion AUD. 12.9 trillion Euros. 10.3 trillion UK Pounds)) is “mostly based on the output of the financial services industry and its military industrial complex, meaning it’s a GDP of destruction and overconsumption, as well as hollow financial and legal services”.

Koenig thought that Argentina could become the first country “to free itself from the economic sledgehammer of the immoral USA and at the same time enter into trade agreements with Russia and China”. That could be reasonable, considering that “90 percent of Argentina’s foreign trade takes place outside of the realm of the US dollar”, and that it’s likely to be an outsider in a dollar-based financial system. Koenig is confident that it’s only a matter of time until much of the rest of the world “jumps on the occasion and abandons the dollar. All it needs is one country that dares to take this first step, fearless of sanctions”. Koenig also said that if Brussels keeps on pushing Argentina, thus, “helping Obama and his blood-thirsty NATO war machine engage Russia in World War III”, Europe runs the risk of destruction. He asked, “Don’t they realise that Russia not only wants to save Europe from another humanitarian disaster, but would like to help them out of their Wall Street imposed economic disaster?” Koenig maintains that Europe must realise it should “get rid of their Washington-imposed neoliberal thieves” and seek a healthy alliance with the East. He emphasised that it’s never too late to make the right choice.

26 August 2014

Stanislav Fisher

Rossiya Segodnya


26 August 2014. Videos of the Panic in Mariupol

00 panic in mariupol. 26.08.14




It looks like the columns of refugees leaving Angola in 1975… I remember the TV coverage of that. It looks like the junta is taking a hard hit, one from which Poroshenko may not recover from… Kolomoisky and/or Yuliya might decide that it’s time for him to go. Things are getting very “interesting” very quickly…


Zaporozhe Patriot Partizans Are Very Much Alive

00 Isaak Rabichev. The Foe Won't Escape the People's Venegeance. 1941

The Foe Won’t Escape the People’s Vengeance!

Isaak Rabichev



The Galician Uniates of 2014 act just like the Nazis of 1941-45 did… but then again, they were the Nazis’ loyal running dogs back then, weren’t they? They VOLUNTARILY served in the SS and shot Jews and Roma with abandon, didn’t they?


Zaporozhe patriot partizans attacked a “National Guard” convoy retreating from Mariupol. The Natsgadi cowards fled Mariupol due to false reports of Russian tanks on the advance, the so-called Dnepr and Azov Battalions leading the panicked retreat. However, the Natsgadi pigs didn’t find refuge in Zaporozhe. As soon as they entered Zaporozhe Oblast, patriot partizans attacked their convoy near Rozovka. Breaking through the first ambush position, the convoy ran into another partizan roadblock near Kuibyshev. As the partizans fired at the trucks from a distance, the fascist return fire was ineffective. Some of the vehicles broke out towards Zaporozhe. The others had to retreat from Zaporozhe, not being strong enough to break through. On their way back, as the vehicles moved towards the eastern entrance to Mariupol on the Volodarsky Motorway, Mariupol partizans fired on their convoy, using mortars that they carried in their cars.

26 August 2014




The “National Guard” are unmilitary goons; they’re untrained Uniate fascist Euromaidantsy filth. They’re militarily useless, but they’re very good at brutalising civilians and killing Orthodox priests! They’re also very good at theft and burning Orthodox churches. They’re running because they know that the “revengers” are on the way, and they’re not inclined to mercy.

The foe will NOT escape the people’s vengeance!


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