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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Zaporozhe Patriot Partizans Are Very Much Alive

00 Isaak Rabichev. The Foe Won't Escape the People's Venegeance. 1941

The Foe Won’t Escape the People’s Vengeance!

Isaak Rabichev



The Galician Uniates of 2014 act just like the Nazis of 1941-45 did… but then again, they were the Nazis’ loyal running dogs back then, weren’t they? They VOLUNTARILY served in the SS and shot Jews and Roma with abandon, didn’t they?


Zaporozhe patriot partizans attacked a “National Guard” convoy retreating from Mariupol. The Natsgadi cowards fled Mariupol due to false reports of Russian tanks on the advance, the so-called Dnepr and Azov Battalions leading the panicked retreat. However, the Natsgadi pigs didn’t find refuge in Zaporozhe. As soon as they entered Zaporozhe Oblast, patriot partizans attacked their convoy near Rozovka. Breaking through the first ambush position, the convoy ran into another partizan roadblock near Kuibyshev. As the partizans fired at the trucks from a distance, the fascist return fire was ineffective. Some of the vehicles broke out towards Zaporozhe. The others had to retreat from Zaporozhe, not being strong enough to break through. On their way back, as the vehicles moved towards the eastern entrance to Mariupol on the Volodarsky Motorway, Mariupol partizans fired on their convoy, using mortars that they carried in their cars.

26 August 2014




The “National Guard” are unmilitary goons; they’re untrained Uniate fascist Euromaidantsy filth. They’re militarily useless, but they’re very good at brutalising civilians and killing Orthodox priests! They’re also very good at theft and burning Orthodox churches. They’re running because they know that the “revengers” are on the way, and they’re not inclined to mercy.

The foe will NOT escape the people’s vengeance!


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