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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014. Video. “Most of the Opolchenietsy are Orthodox; the Most Determined Fighters are Churched People”

00 novorossiya. 27.08.14



This video is in Russian, I have it up for those with facility… look at the quote from Igor Druz, “Most of the opolchenietsy are Orthodox; the most determined fighters are churched people”. The present war is a war that’ll determine whether Novorossiya (and the Ukraine) shall be faithful, Orthodox, and loyal, or whether it’d be apostate, Uniate, and schismatical. Them’s the stakes, kids… it has nothing to do with the bullshit purveyed by the Western media. Shall the Ukraine be Orthodox or shall it be Apostate? That’s the question… Orthodox should look seriously at those who whore for the West… Paffhausen, Potapov, Webster, Serge Schmemann, Dreher, Lyonyo and Sophia Kishkovsky, Vassa Larina, and all the other scurvy crew who support the Western drive to smash the Motherland and place a drooling papist Uniate monstrosity in its place. We truly can’t afford such… how long shall we abide it? By the way… the ROCOR official website is silent on the Uniate enormities in Novorossiya. WHY? Our people bleed and these jabronies are silent. None dare call it EVIL…


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