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Thursday, 28 August 2014

28 August 2014. My Reply to a Friend on My Mistake…

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01 no bullshit


I wrote to a friend of mine:

If you fuck up… YOU FUCK UP. That’s what I despise in the people I named [Dreher, Lil’ Mizz Ginny, Lyonyo & daughter, and Potapov]… they won’t stand up and say, “I fucked up”. I can do it… you can do it. FULL STOP. Take responsibility or go home, I say.

That’s my POV, the long and the short of it. If you’ve erred… come clean! DON’T give excuses… those are for kids and punks. However, I’d like to expand on why I named the people that I did.

Dreher claims to be an expert on Orthodoxy, yet, it’s abundantly clear that he knows little of our history, of our culture, and of our distinct civilisation. He got taken in by Dmitri Royster… that was strike one. He got taken in by Paffhausen (he’s still smitten, I’d say), that’s strike two. He got taken in by Potapov (I’ll admit…  he’s a smooth article; he does fool the superficial with his glibness and glad-handing)… yer out. It’s obvious that he knows little or nothing of Holy Rus or of the real history of the Russian Orthodox diaspora in the USA and Canada… he’s actually degenerated because he hasn’t taken the time to LEARN. He has to spend at least a decade in silence and study… I’ve done so and it’s enriched me.

Lyonyo is a long-time apparatchik… he believes that he can still “spin” the OCA news. That isn’t so… do look at how he hates any of us who issue views contrary to his (actually, all too many in the SVS/Syosset crowd are like that). His daughter is a hack journalist who writes whatever dreck her Anglo bosses toss at her (her latest piece on The Art Newspaper about Kaliningrad Oblast was a howler… anyone could tell that the illustration didn’t match the text… it was obviously Romanesque, NOT Gothic). To be truthful, she probably wrote her text without knowing what image was going up. This shows a basic lack of care and respect for her audience (I believe that a journalist MUST respect their audience, first of all… if you don’t, it’s obvious).

Potapov is a loyal Step n’ Fetchit house nigger of the US government and does its bidding… he’s spent decades working for a CIA front, but everyone knows that, so there’s no need to expatiate. He sold out for a measly mess of pottage in the Maryland ‘burbs. Everyone knows that he hangs around the most feral sorts on K Street and in the Washington media (he got the Washington Times freelancer to ghost-write Paffso’s puff piece in the Washington Post). Note well that Potapov is silent about Orthodoxy’s crucifixion in Novorossiya. None dare call it treasonous and treacherous…

As for oca.org and its whole staff… they’re people with credentials, not hearts… nor good sense… nor journalistic instinct… nor love for their audience. They’re running dogs for the Syosset apparat… they’d do better to emulate V R Legoida, not Lyonyo, but that’s not going to happen. Sad…

We have a shit-spattered byre to clean up… our so-called “media voices” are rather pathetic. Shall we care enough to clean it up? That remains to be seen…


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