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Friday, 29 August 2014

29 August 2014. I’ve Broken the Eight-Million Hit Barrier

00 Vera Mukhina. Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. fireworks. 10.02.13


Kids, I’ve broken the eight-million hits barrier… firstly, I want to say “Thank You” to all of you. Without youse guys, there wouldn’t be a Voices from Russia. Therefore, I do my damnedest to turn out the best-quality product that I’m capable of… otherwise, I’m wasting your time, and that’s CRIMINAL. Do I err? I do so less and less, but I’m human, and, usually, my errors are due to me not following my own rules, or ignoring the general rules of journalism. Haste DOES make “waste”… it never hurts to sit back and LOOK at your sources (God, I got a reminder of that, recently… my thanks to the Cabineteer who jerked my chain on that one). I’ve listened to many competent people, and their encouragement, comments, and constructive criticism have improved my work immensely. However, I don’t have time for trolls, bitchers, or asshat bloviators. “You’re a Putin fanboy!” Kiss my ass… that’s not to the point… I’d recommend to all of you that DFTT (Don’t Feed The Trolls) remains good advice. My “numbers” keep going up… but if that’s what you’re “in it” for, you won’t last. There are literally millions of choices out there… people will go to those who respect them and do their damnedest to deliver the goods.

Remember, LOVE built this house… love for the truth… love for beauty… love for one’s fellow man… love for justice… love for everything that’s right and fitting… that’s where it’s at. People can smell a bullshitter a mile away. I’m humbled to say that I’ve lasted… it’s all due to you guys. I can’t say it enough or with more sincerity… Thank You… and may God bless.



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