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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Roundup for 30 August 2014… Army of the Southeast War News

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. We Have a Victory... You Have a Zoo. 2014

We Have a Victory… You Have a Zoo

Vitaly Podvitsky



On the Donetsk strategic direction, after a failed attempt to break out of their encirclement, the command of some of the surrounded junta occupation forces agreed to the preconditions laid down by the DNR and began to evacuate the pocket at 15.00. They used 53 vehicles, taking their wounded and dead with them.

On the Lugansk strategic direction, enemy actions were largely defensive. Clashes with fascists occurred near Shishkovo, Stanichno-Lugansk, Illiriya, Bryanka, and Krasny Luch. Southeast Army units kicked the occupiers out of Privetnogo, Novosvetlovki, and Lutugino. The battle around Lutugino continues; the friendly forces are still toting up the enemy losses. A recon group ambushed enemy forces northwest of Nizhnebarannikovki, destroying a UAZ and killing nine enemy soldiers. Friendly artillery fire was effective:

  • Kruglik: 3 APCs destroyed and 15 enemy troops killed
  • Lutugino:BM-21 Grad, 2 artillery pieces, and 5 motor vehicles destroyed
  • Uspenska:BMP and 1 armoured tractor destroyed
  • Peremozhnoe: 1 tank, 1 APC, and three motor vehicles destroyed, and 35 troops killed

On the Mariupol strategic direction, DNR units advancing on Mariupol from the north took control of sections of the motorway between Mangush and Osipenko, then, turned towards the coast of the Sea of Azov Sea and occupied Yalta {this isn’t the famous city in the Crimea, it’s a Pontic Greek (Pontitsy) town named after it: editor}. Intel reports stated that the enemy lost 2 tanks, 6 MICV/APCs, 10 motor vehicles, 1 BM-21 Grad, two artillery pieces, and 70 men killed and wounded.

30 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna



Zakharchenko: “We’re Preparing a Second Large-Scale Offensive”

00 aleksandr zakharchenko. 27.08.14


Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko said in an on-air interview on Russkoi Sluzhby Novostei (Russian News Service), “We continue to advance, we’re mopping up the pockets, and we’d like to break through and create a corridor between Donetsk and Lugansk. We’re preparing a second large-scale offensive. We have no shortage of arms and ammunition. In fact, the Ukrainian army provided us with enough equipment and ammunition, we captured quite a bit from them. Just in the last day, we captured about 40 pieces of equipment”. The DNR offensive on the southern strategic direction began on 24 August.

30 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna


DNR HQ Reported Friendly Forces Captured Volnovakha

00 Novorossiya. BMP. 16.08.14


DNR HQ reported that its forces captured Volnovakha, a crossroads situated between Donetsk and Mariupol, saying, “This forms another pocket of enemy forces on the southern strategic direction. By the way, some enemy units are in a double encirclement. The junta forces completely lost control of this section of the front. We’re holding talks with the Ukrainian side now that may allow some troops to exit the pockets”. As previously reported, a necessary precondition for such humanitarian corridors is that the junta forces must lay down their arms and abandon all their heavy equipment. There’s no word yet on the outcome of the present talks.

30 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna


30 August 2014. More Sitrep Maps from the Front… Focusing on the Mariupol Strategic Direction

We're Going to Kiev! 26.08.14


00 mariupol map 01. 30.08.14


00 mariupol map 02. 30.08.14


Do note that DNR forces cut off Mariupol on the landward side, and since virtually all the notional “Ukrainian Navy” rallied to Russia (along with its commander, Admiral Berezovsky), the junta has no realistic way of resupplying the city via sealift in any practical way (they could sneak in a coaster or two, but that’d only prolong the agony). The only way of getting in supplies is by airlift, but the junta tied down its air transport assets in resupply missions for surrounded forces on the Lugansk and Donetsk strategic directions. Furthermore, when the city falls, there’ll be no way of evacuating troops or loyalists. I fear a bloodbath… there exists a possibility that Right Sector militants would act like the IJN did in Manila in 1945. These people are terrorists… they’d kill for funsies. Also, do note that the DNR forces are in the “Zaporozhe People’s Republic” (former Zaporozhe Oblast). That is, the DNR forces are taking the war to the junta and capturing territory not in their control at the outset of hostilities. The long-term professional core of the junta forces is melting away… most are joining the patriot side, others are simply going home. By the way, the people of Kiev DO know what’s going on… they’re getting their intel from deserters. They trust the deserters… they don’t trust the junta media. It’s not healthy to show dissidence in American-ruled Kiev… but that doesn’t mean that the people support the junta. It simply means that normal people don’t want to attract attention from the Galician Uniate terrorists prowling the streets. They do torture those that they suspect of “treason”…


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