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Sunday, 31 August 2014

BREAKING NEWS… Lugansk Airport Under Assault… Conflicting Reports… LNR Forces on Airport Premises

00 Lugansk. dead kid. Novorossiya. 11.06.14

THIS is why the Natsgadi filth will fight to the death… they’re responsible for most of the war crimes and brutalisation of innocent civilians in Novorossiya (such as the above child killed in a deliberate junta assault on a civilian neighbourhood)… they don’t want to face the people’s vengeance… however, the “revengers” will root them out.



There are conflicting stories on the ground. I did contact a Novorossiyan… everyone’s talking about it, but there’s nothing solid. Natsgadi Uniate fanatics hold the airport, so, if it’s taken, it’ll extort a butcher’s bill. They won’t give up… “The Ukraine isn’t dead yet” and all that rot… they’ll die and not surrender to “Moskali”. Rum go, isn’t it?



Since June, patriot forces tried to take this strategic asset. According to LifeNews, the LNR forces entered the territory of the Lugansk airport. There have been no scheduled flights since June because of the active hostilities. During the present military operations, the airport changed hands several times. In June, patriot forces blocked off the airport, but they didn’t have the strength to storm the buildings or its territory. According to various estimates, there are 500 to 2,000 Natsgadi terrorist fanatics based at the airport, with heavy weapons and armoured vehicles. LifeNews is trying to ferret out the details, but preliminary information indicates that the destruction of infrastructure is very significant.

31 August 2014




The patriots are mopping up junta forces… but they need to secure the airports first to ensure that the junta can’t airlift in supplies (or, more probably, to keep their American allies from doing so). Ergo, the simultaneous attacks on the airports. The Natsgadi will die to the last man… they ARE known war criminals (and general brutes) who don’t want to “face the music”…


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