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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Right Sector and Svoboda Terrorists Beat Up Farmers in Kherson

00 Right Sector. 31.08.14


On Sunday, at about 15.00, agitated local farmers held a rally in Kherson at the OGA* building to express indignation at the junta’s agricultural policy. The gathering was peaceful, with its main slogans being:

  • “Ukrainian Agrarian Policy Ruined APK Khersonshchiny”
  • “Agrarians Need Accessible Loans”
  • “Government! Buy your Produce from the Local APKs”

The farmers coördinated the meeting with the mayor of Kherson and the local branch of the MVDU, which promised to protect the protesters and preserve public order. However, only minutes after the start of the meeting at the OGA building, armed gunmen showed up and brutally beat up the farmers. That’s the kind of democracy and European values ​​regnant in the Ukraine after the victory of the fascist junta in February 2014. If you don’t see fascism in the Ukraine after this… then, look in the mirror.

1 September 2014



OGA: Oblast State Administration


THIS is what the Republican Party supports with its recent proposed Russophobic legislation (“Russian Aggression Prevention Act“). After all, it’s what it wants to do here. THIS is “American Democracy”… that is, the “Crapitalist Golden Rule”… “Let them with the gold rule”. I seem to find that evil… I’m NOT alone in thinking so.


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