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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Source in Podkarpatskaya: The EU Supplies Equipment to the Junta

00 train in podkarpatskaya. 31.08.14


A resistance activist in Podkarpatskaya sent us a photo transfer of an EU equipment transfer to the junta.  The photo is of a train near Užgorod on 30 August 2014. The railway cars have military equipment originating in either Hungary or Slovakia; it appears to be nine self-propelled artillery pieces, three BMPs, and trucks.

31 August 2014




Now is a good time for me to talk of my local sources in Eastern Europe. I’ve built them up over some years, but not one of my contacts is a current official or a serving military officer. That is, I have NO insider track on official news. What I do have are people who live there, who can confirm or deny reports, who can tell me the buzz, who can pass on titbits from the local media, and who can correct what I find in the general media. That’s all… there’s no cloak n’ dagger here. By the way, I DO listen to my sources…


31 August 2014. There is a Difference in Russian Reports for the “Russian” and “English” Audiences

01 woman reading newspaper


President Putin’s statement today on Novorossiya received two very different treatments in the Russian media. In Russian-language reporting, it’s clear that he used language that means “statehood”. In English-language reports, Peskov denied that VVP said any such thing. Which which is which? In general terms, I’ve noticed that Russian-language reporting in the Russian media hews closer to the truth and doesn’t pander to Western bullshit. English-language reporting tends to be “dumbed down” and “watered down”. I asked a friend why this was so. The answer was interesting (and VERY Russian). “We know that Westerners are lazy and arrogant, so, we tell them what they want to hear. At the proper time, they’ll find out our true position”. Remember this… Russia called reservists to the colours for “refresher training”… something’s that NEVER done. The Bear is firin’ up the still and the good ol’ mountain dew is due soon. “Russians aren’t Germans”… do think on that and apply it to the current situation. It’ll give you a key to understanding the whole affair…


31 August 2014. Developing Story… Part of Donetsk Airport in Patriot Hands… Part in Junta Hands

01 woman on phone


I’ve done some e-mailing… the general tenor of the replies is that part of Donetsk Airport is in patriot hands (they did flush out Polish mercs with water) and part is in junta hands. The runways are in junta hands, but are unusable as they’re under mortar fire. Patriot forces surround the airport; it may be in two pockets (reports unconfirmable, of course). My sources (non-military private people) told me that the word out there that they heard is that IEDs and booby-traps laid by junta forces are delaying the patriot attack. I have no way of confirming this… but it does make military sense. Once fully secured, the airport won’t be usable until the entire area’s swept for booby-traps and hidden snipers. That’ll take some time. It’s not a matter of taking the ground and using it immediately…


31 August 2014. Video. Army of Novorossiya

00 Novorossiya map. 31.08.14



The Novorossiya forces are smashing the Uniate fascists. I hope that they run them back to their godforsaken backwoods lairs. The “revengers” are on the march… they didn’t start it, but they’re GONNA finish it. Thus always to tyrants… payback is a motherfucker…


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