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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

3 September 2014. National Review Chock Fulla Shit on Novorossiya… Wrote ROFL Editorial in 8 September Print Edition

00 place for heroism. 02.09.14

Here’s a real heroine (she was one of the kids who defended Lisichansk)… you can stand with her… or you can stand with the gutless wonder Rich Lowry… who (like most of the rightwing punditocracy) refused to serve with the colours. I know where I stand… what about you?


The National Review is mud-ignorant on all things Russian, its editorial in the 8 September print edition proved that, even for the slow learners. It’s full of absolute hooey and outright falsehood. Their stupidity, rigidity, and Anglo American inferiority complex was on display for all to see. Here it is:

Politically and diplomatically, the Ukrainian crisis seems to be gradually calming down. The Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers met in Berlin and agreed in principle to allow a Russian “humanitarian” convoy to enter the Eastern Ukraine (sic). Though there was no agreement on a ceasefire between “pro-Russian” separatists (sic) and Ukrainian (sic) forces, all sides plan a major diplomatic push to end the conflict. Europe and Russia would both like to de-escalate a crisis that has led to sanctions that are weakening already-stagnant economies on both sides. The Ukraine will need massive economic assistance from Europe, together with a compromise deal with Moscow on energy supplies, to give its feeble economy at least some chance of post-war recovery. However, the military conflict continues. The number of dead civilians has passed the 2,000 mark.

A few days before the foreign minister met, two British journalists saw a Russian armoured column crossing the border by {that account is a proven lie… there’s no evidence to back it up: editor}. According to the Ukrainian president, it was then largely destroyed {where are the images of the destroyed vehicles? The VSN (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) provides such… but the fascists don’t… telling, no?: editor}. Insofar as the fog of war allows us to judge, Kiev seems close to establishing control of the Eastern Ukraine (sic). Its forces are now fighting inside one of the two remaining cities under separatist (sic) control, and besieging the other {of course, all the press releases from the junta are absolutely truthful, aren’t they?: editor}. The separatists are retreating… and in the case of their “leaders”, resigning, too. Diplomats will now argue for a compromise peace that allows Putin to call off his adventure without losing too much face. That’s reasonable in itself… the conflict is damaging everyone, and its early solution would benefit all. But the terms of the compromise, while they will almost certainly involve some regional autonomy and some cultural protection for ethnic Russian Ukrainians, must neither dilute Kiev’s sovereignty over the eastern Ukraine (sic) nor create conditions for future Kremlin meddling nor ratify its annexation of the Crimea. If we can reach a settlement that respects those conditions, then the Ukrainian crisis will have strengthened the West, underpinned the post-Cold War order in Europe, and set clear limits to Moscow’s neo-imperial ambitions.

That’s some unhinged shit, isn’t it? The offensive by the VSN on the southern strategic direction kicked off on 23 August… eleven days ago. Note well that NR accepted Uniate junta claims with no backup images… bad dog, Richie boy… are you always that slipshod in verifying intel? However, give Mr Lowry some slack… he’s another one of those Hard Right chicken hawks… he screams for war incessantly, yet he’s a gutless yellow coward who refused to serve in the forces himself. That is, he’s a worthless windbag slinker worthy of SEVERAL white feathers.

Today, the VSN has smashed the Uniate junta forces in Novorossiya in open battle. The junta has no reliable formed units left. It’s calling another mobilisation as most men dodged the draft in earlier calls (and most will dodge this call, too). This time around, they’re pressganging college students as they’re raiding dorms. However, they’re simply throwing these poor guys in a uniform and giving them an avtomat, but they’re not training them, they just send them off to the front, where the VSN eats them up alive and mow them down. You see, the VSN is fighting for their homes… the junta pigs murdered the families of VSN soldiers in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Trust me, there are tons of “revengers” in the VSN… they’re marching on Kiev! Besides which, most of the long-service officers of the prewar Ukrainian forces have now rallied to the patriot side and fight the junta.

Shall Mr Lowry admit that his howler of an editorial is complete and utter hooey? Lugansk is free of enemy forces and Donetsk is reducing the pockets of remaining junta resistance. The VSN has made its first advances outside of LNR/DNR territory. Note well that Mr Lowry said nothing of the deliberate junta airstrikes and artillery bombardments of civilian neighbourhoods. Note well that Mr Lowry gave NO proof for any of his accusations against Russia. Note well that Mr Lowry is silent about the American role in the putsch and in the subsequent aggression against Novorossiya. Note well that Mr Lowry says nothing about Chinese support for Russia. Note well that Mr Lowry was so lazy that he didn’t even know that the VSN counteroffensive was on when he wrote this editorial. When he wrote this, junta loyalists were fleeing Mariupol, clogging the roads in a massive traffic jam… Taruta was fleeing Mariupol in a military helicopter… President Putin made it clear that the junta would have to sit down with the LNR and DNR as equals… junta soldiers were dying in the pockets around Lugansk and Donetsk… the VSN secured all the major border crossing points in the LNR/DNR… junta soldiers were raping women and looting shops in besieged Mariupol.

In short, Mr Lowry is no journalist. He may be a publicist for the worse segment of the neocons, but he’s no journalist. He’s no worthy successor of William F Buckley. The fact that this editorial saw the light of day comments about the American “conservative” movement… it supports those who adulate S A Bandera. That says it all… the blood of the innocents murdered by Bandera will rise at the Last Day to accuse Rich Lowry and all those who stand with him… do note that it doesn’t faze them one bit. I call that evil… and I’m not alone.



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