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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gorlovka’s Coming Back to Life… Bakeries Open… Humanitarian Aid Dining Rooms Started



V V Otchenko, People’s Deputy of the DNR Supreme Soviet, who started out as a boxing coach and teacher, told us what’s happening in Gorlovka. He said, “There wasn’t any bread in town. So, we went to the boss of one of the bakeries; we asked them to open up and start baking. Well, nothing happened. Then, the management decided to restart; they agreed that until normal times returned, the company would work for the benefit of our young republic. They started by baking a thousand loaves, today, the number’s up to 5,000. Primarily, they ship the bread to humanitarian aid feeding points, of which there are four in town. After that, the army gets its share, and the rest goes on sale only after we make some available to needy people. The money raised from sales goes for the bakers’ salaries and for the needs of the army. Volunteers take bread to needy people who can’t make it to a social services point. Due to the lack of facilities to deliver humanitarian aid from the outside, we have to provide everything from local sources. Luckily, due to the harvest, local seasonal vegetables are in the markets. The army controls the remaining food stocks, strict regulations cover everything, there’s no looting. A very big problem is that we lack medicines, as it’s difficult to get medical aid to us now”.

Deputy Otchenko organised collecting aid in many Russian cities, but trucks can’t get in now because junta forces in pockets attack road traffic with artillery {instead of trying to break out of the pocket, the Uniate terrorists attack civilian vehicles… bright move: editor}. In related news, schools in Gorlovka won’t reopen on 1 September; the school year won’t begin until 1 October. Partly, this is because the fighting destroyed virtually all window panes in schools, so, there’s a need to get new window glass into town to replace them.

2 September 2014

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