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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Poroshenko Statements on a Ceasefire are Propaganda Lies

00 slavyansk 01. 19.06.14


VSN HQ said that Poroshenko’s statements of readiness to order a ceasefire are lies. Last night, junta artillery continued to fire at VSN positions and at civilian targets. On the Donetsk front, the junta attacked civilian neighbourhoods and infrastructure on the outskirts of Donetsk with artillery and Grads. Besides this, the junta shelled Gorlovka, Makeyevka, and Yenakiyevo. These attacks didn’t cease with the morning; indeed, the junta forces haven’t slackened their shelling.

4 September 2014




A look at the sitrep map will show you that only the outermost outliers of Donetsk are within range of junta artillery… however, instead of using their artillery to help their surrounded units escape VSN pockets, the Uniate fascist junta chooses to launch terror bombardments of civilian neighbourhoods. Indeed, the junta should use that artillery to blunt the VSN drive towards Volnovakha, which bids fair to encircle more of the junta forces. It doesn’t speak highly of the junta’s intelligence… nor of the American neocons who direct them. Where is Rich Lowry now?



4 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front

00 the fate of ukie tyrants. 27.08.14


00 novorossiya sitrep map. 04.09.14


If you look north of Lugansk, you can see a new VSN (Novorossiya Armed Forces) pincer starting to pocket the junta troops there. This is important as this is the last organised reliable mechanised force left to the junta. That is, the junta has to withdraw its forces not only from near the city, but completely out of the LNR to preserve its last armoured task force. Make no mistake on it… no matter how many men the junta conscripts, it’ll be for nought, as you don’t merely throw someone in a uniform and give them a gun. The junta has only two mechanised brigades left… but they’re filled with rankers from Odessa and Kharkov, so they’re unreliable and would desert en masse to the patriot side… and the junta knows it. Mostly what are left to the junta are Natsgadi Euromaidantsy fanatics and Territorial Defence Battalions with no training, no heavy weapons, and no regular professional officers. Besides this, all that the junta has are bandit bands raised by the various oligarchs and mercenaries hired by Langley. Reports say that the junta force at the Donetsk airport are PMC pseudo-soldiers, some of whom are Americans. If the trap shuts on the junta forces north of Lugansk, its finis for Poroshenko.

I can’t reiterate this enough… most of the long-service officers and contract personnel in the so-called “Ukrainian” forces have rallied to the patriots or to Russia. The VSN is full of professional soldiers who came over from the junta side, bringing their equipment and arms with them. There is no need for any Russian intervention. The junta is falling due to its own internal contradictions… VVP need do nothing. The Ukraine was terminally weakened by 23 years of unbridled crapitalism… it’s a poster child for laissez-faire hell… it shows us what happens if libertarian nihilism is given its head. This crisis proves that a bunch of maroons run the USA… with Zbig and Chilly Hilly being the biggest asshats of the lot. They had cornered V F Yanukovich into agreeing to early elections… but then they decided that wasn’t good enough for them… this Civil War is the result of that American meddling. Note well how the neocons applaud that and how they applaud the murder of thousands of innocents.

Anyone who believes in a “Russian invasion” is in serious need of a long stay in a padded room and observation to see that they stay on their meds. Rich Lowry and George Will, amongst others, live in a fanciful fairy-tale world of their own imagining. This is what the Republican Party espouses… no diaspora Russian Orthodox person should support such enemies of our Faith and Motherland. Wake up and get with the programme.


4 September 2014. Michael Savage on the Ukrainian Crisis

00 Political cartoon. USA. Lockstep. 10.11.13


  • Nuland, Rice, and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt fostered and encouraged the Ukrainian “revolution”. These three were instrumental in staging a destabilisation campaign. Working with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, they fostered the Ukrainian uprising that caused the elected  Ukrainian president to flee from Kiev.
  • In the early stages of the rebellion, Ukrainian President V F Yanukovich met with the rebels staging the uprising, and the two parties agreed to stop the violence and make an orderly transition to a new government chosen in a new set of elections. Instead, the right-wing rebels ignored the agreement and took over Kiev by force, with their armed patrols maintaining control through violence.
  • The Ukrainian nationalists are fascists. Washington’s original purpose for staging a coup in Ukraine was to move the Ukraine away from Russia and bring the Ukraine into the EU. In other words, the neocons and the bought-and-paid-for “moderates” in the Obama administration wanted to wrest control of the Ukraine from Putin’s hands and gain economic and energy control over the country.
  • Putin is certainly not a good guy, but he isn’t the villain in this. The Jews have always been canaries in the coal mine of human rights in Russia, and Putin has been better to Russian Jews than any other Russian leader in the past century. With the elected government now driven out of the Ukraine, the anti-Semitic US-backed fascist thugs who have assumed control are vandalising synagogues and threatening the lives of Jews in Crimea {this was before the referendum bringing the Crimea back into Russia: editor}.
  • Obama doesn’t have a clue about what the conflict in the Ukraine means. Nuland and Rice, two of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse who seem to make so many critical decisions of this administration, told him to blame Putin, so that’s what he did. Now, the Russian and Ukrainian people are at grave risk from the Ukrainian nationalists and Chechen Islamic jihadists into whose hands the USA has worked to place the fate of that country, and Putin called on his allies to assist him in expanding his military presence around the world.


It’s interesting to note the schism in American “conservatism” (neoliberalism). Some are screaming for war with Russia… others are warning of the dangers. You see the same schism on the left… what’s obvious is that the warmongers are trying to push all those who won’t beat the war drums to the margins. You see Odd Couple pairings… John McCain and Chilly Hilly… Joe Biden and Ted Cruz… as well as Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders… Michael Savage and the Clearwater Collective. Trust me, it’s the most interesting thing that I’ve seen in years. True… there are the usual cast of suspects in their accustomed places, but there’s enough quirkiness in the pairings to make me wonder… are we coming to the point where Republican and Democrat may no longer have meaning? Is the country ready for an ideological realignment? Do think on it…

My thanks to the Cabineteer who sent this on… you got my mind working… take a good LOOONG pull from the jug!


4 September 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… George Will Slips into Goofy Unreality… “Vladimir Putin’s Hitlerian Mind”

00 Gay Rights Protests. temper tantrum. 25.09.13


George Will has slipped into unreality. I want you to read one of the most offensive, untruthful, and slanderous rants that I’ve read from the rightwing punditocracy. I wondered why Will had become so nutty as of late… well, his wife is a political hack who works for Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann, and they do say that like calls unto like. Read this. Read it twice… this jabronie is serious… he truly wants us to believe that V V Putin is Hitlerian.

Novorossiya didn’t invade the Ukraine. Novorossiya didn’t bomb Kiev. Novorossiya didn’t target churches, civilian neighbourhoods, and schools. No, it didn’t… but the Ukrainian Uniate fascists did, and George Will applauds them for so doing. He applauds the bloodbaths carried out by the Right Sector and Svoboda terrorists… he applauds the putsch that toppled the legitimate President of the Ukraine, V F Yanukovich. He applauds the Rabbit… he stole more than Yanukovich ever did. He applauds Turdchinov, who helped the USA torture prisoners in the Bush years. He applauds Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark, who’s stolen more than anyone else did in the upside-down inside-out world that’s been the post-Soviet Ukraine. Oh, yes… he also applauds the Baltic Legions and the neo-Nazi governments in the Baltics that deprive thousands of Russians the right to vote.

In short, he’s miffed that V V Putin refuses to be a “good boy” and running dog to the USA; his nose is out of  joint that VVP doesn’t applaud the American drive to rape the world. I’ll remind Mr Will… if any country can strike a crushing blow at the American heartland, that country is Russia. As D K Kiselyov put it, “Russia has the ability to turn America into a pile of radioactive ash”. That’s why so many Anglo Americans hate Russia. I’ve found that Anglos have a crushing sense of inferiority behind their bluster. After all, Russia had been Christian for 788 years before 1776! I think that’s longer than the English settlement in the Americas (let’s see… 1609… 405 years… yep, that’s far shorter). As for the American experiment, it’s only 238-years-old (if one dates it from the US Constitution, it’s 225-years-old). It hasn’t stood the test of time yet. That is, America is an immature society, so, it has all the nasty habits that one associates with juveniles (it also has the positive traits of the juvenile as well, to speak frankly).

Americans are forever boasting about their riches and power. I’d remind them that it had nothing to do with their system or their ideology… it was because North America is in an isolated corner, far from the centres of the World Island, so, the USA didn’t suffer damage in the World Wars. Russia had to build itself up three times… after the Civil War, after the VOV, and after the Nasty Nineties… which illustrates the inherent strength of the Russian ethos, character, and Weltanschauung. We have no need to boast… Russians aren’t special… we’re sinful-ginfuls as everyone is. We’re not exceptional, nor do we claim exemption from the general moral standards that bind us all, as the Anglos do. Russia isn’t a “City on a Hill”, but America isn’t either.

However, most of all, Anglos are bullies and arrogant. They believe that they have the right to attack others, but that they’re impervious to retaliation. Look at how they panicked at the Sov A-bomb in 1949… they started witch-hunts to find non-existent traitors and spies (there are always some of those, but not to the extent that Red Channels and McCarthy had it). Russia has always had excellent scientists and mathematicians… so, why should it be a surprise that they could build a nuclear weapon? The RVSN can destroy the American heartland… and an American first strike wiping it out is impossible, given the mobile nature of many of its assets (let alone the SSBNs in the Barents Sea and Sea of Okhotsk fortress areas).

That’s what angers the Americans… that Russia looks to its own interests…  that Russia does target the USA (for the USA does target Russia)… that Russia refuses to follow the American lead in culture, religion, and politics. Anglo Americans are narcissistic spoilt brats; so, one has to make allowances for their fatuousness and tantrums. Will’s rant is one such. Thank God, it won’t ever become American policy… but it does confirm everyone’s worst expectations of Anglos. Don’t they make you cringe at times? Unfortunately, they won’t grow up in our time… pass the jug.


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