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Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Justice… American-Style

00 Her grndson served with the Berkut. 05.09.14


THIS is what the Western punditocracy supports. FULL STOP. They APPLAUD it when the junta kicks the elderly in the face. They APPLAUD it when the junta replaces professional cops like the Berkut with Uniate fascist thugs who beat and torture as they will, leaving the rule of law trampled in the mud. They APPLAUD it when the junta fires Smerch rockets indiscriminately into civilian neighbourhoods. They APPLAUD it when the Uniate fascists shoot VSN soldiers and/or their families out-of-hand. It tells me that the Western punditocracy are soulless scumbags at heart… who worship “Might makes right” and “Winning is the only thing”. Keep this in mind when you see that mewling suck-up Will on the TV with his goofy bow-ties… he’s not merely a “talking head”, he’s an unashamed apologist for evil. After all, we HAVE to hurt the Grandmas in Kiev… it’s not only for their own good, it’s to George Will’s personal profit (he’s an “investor”, dontcha know).

I call such people evil and I’m not alone…



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