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Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. From the Russian Web… Obama and Putin Confab… Vova Tells It Like It Is

00 putin and obama on crimea. 05.09.14


This image is making the rounds of the Russian cyberworld; it’s become extremely popular (that tells you that anti-American feeling in Russia is very high). Some Americans think that they’re fooling the world… they’re not. Most people are wise to the hypocrisy, double standards, greed, and cruelty of Anglo Americans. After all, didn’t the Anglos drop the bomb on Japan (twice) even though it wasn’t necessary (Japan made peace feelers since December 1944)? That’s why people such as George Will and Rich Lowry are such pains-in-the-arse to non-Americans. Non-Americans know how the USA got as big as it did… it used its armed might to steal Northern Mexico, it smashed the indigenous people into the ground (Custer DID die for your sins), and it started off by rebelling against its rightful king. Yep… the USA isn’t exceptional, it isn’t moral, it isn’t special… but then again, that’s true of all nations. We’re all sinful-ginfuls. The moral tone taken by George Will, in particular, is a howler… he’s the son of privilege… the son of a college professor, he’s from the American equivalent of the nomenklatura, and he acts accordingly (sense of entitlement, and all that… is that how he evaded military service during the Cold War?). He’d do well to look at the actions of his ancestors… they’re far worse than anything done by Vladimir Vladimirovich!

If the USA wants Russia to “return” the Crimea… it’d had best turn over the keys of the Alamo over to Mexico and haul down the Stars n’ Stripes. Otherwise, it’s hypocritical double-dealing in through the front door! It should keep quiet unless it hands over South Dakota to the Lakota… but that isn’t going to happen and the Anglos won’t shut up their traps and stop their vacuous and fatuous moralising, either. Pass the jug… they’re disgusting and posturing toddlers, aren’t they? They’re not going to change in our lifetimes…



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