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Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. Here’s the Pipe Dream of the Uniate Fascist Junta in Kiev… as Enthusiastically Supported by the Shylock Kolomoisky

00 ukrainian dream border fortifications. 06.09.14


To speak bluntly, this “wall” wouldn’t stop a serious Russian invasion… that would require something more in the nature of a Maginot Line… which the Germans proved was an out-of-date idea way back in 1940! This smells like the old “inner German border”. The DDR found it hard to keep that up, even though it was the richest per capita state in the Warsaw Pact. This “wall” couldn’t stop Russian infiltrators, as helicopters flying Nape of the Earth could bypass radar defences (due to ground clutter). There would be only one purpose for this new Berlin Wall… to keep the people from fleeing the crapitalist paradise and going to Russia. However, have no fear… firstly, the Ukrainian “state” is so mismanaged that it’ll never be built. Secondly, the DNR and LNR control all the major crossing points with the Russian Federation. Thirdly, Kolomoisky would steal the lion’s share of the budget, whilst the Rabbit, the Klichkos, Turdchinov, and Darlin’ Yuliya would glom up the rest. After all, there’s a cruiser still on the stocks in Nikolayev from the Sov days, and the clueless Uniates can’t complete it… Russia offered to help complete it in 2010, but that’s moot now, isn’t it? Lastly, the Ukraine (without the LNR and DNR) lacks the means to build this. Full stop.

Vladimir Vladimirovich won’t have to say, “Tear down this wall”… it won’t be built! Socialists can mobilise the economy to get things done, but laissez-faire Free Market crapitalists can’t… they’re too interested in personal gain. Never forget this… the miracles of war production in the USA in World War II were due to the socialistic New Deal and a socialist mobilisation of economic resources. The Republicans have done their best since 1946 to make a repeat performance impossible. Did I mention that the fascist junta is the darling of the GOP? Fancy that…



Sobotka: “The Ukraine has Neither the Strength nor the Ability to Integrate into the EU or NATO”

00 The REAL Choice Facing the Ukraine. 30.04.14.jpg


Bohuslav Sobotka, Chairman of the Government of the Czech Republic, said in an interview published by the Prague newspaper Pravo on Saturday, “In essence, the Ukraine has neither the strength nor the ability to integrate into the EU or NATO. In addition, you must always to bear in mind the serious risk of confrontation with Russia”. Sobotka thinks that one can trace the genesis of the current conflict to the “realisation of ambitions to expand NATO and the EU through the Ukraine without holding a real dialogue with Russia, and without giving Moscow an opportunity to influence this process in some way”.

Sobotka pointed up that Russia finally accepted the membership of the Baltic States in NATO; no conflicts arose as a result. In the present case, Sobotka noted that the Ukraine is rather larger than the Baltics are… this gives it a greater influence on Russian policy. External geopolitical pressure, with the NATO/EU and Russia competing for the Ukraine, has significantly threatened its integrity. Sobotka thinks that Russia’s main aim is to keep neutral buffer states on its borders; Moscow is ready to sacrifice anything, including economic prosperity, for the sake of this. He said, “Sanctions caused some harm to the Russian economy, but in no way did they change Moscow’s behaviour vis-à-vis the Ukraine. That’s why I argue that sanctions and their escalation aren’t effective. The only way to deal with this is to have a real debate with Russia. Without dealing with Russia, the major power in the region, a force that’ll remain in place and act upon all situations, a rapid integration of the Ukraine [into NATO and the EU] would lead to its dissolution”.

6 September 2014

Aleksandr Kuranov

Rossiya Segodnya


6 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Belgrade Red Star Fans Show Support for DNR at New Spartak Stadium in Moscow

00 Belgrade Red Star fans at Spartak Stadium. Moscow. 06.09.14


00 Belgrade Red Star fans at Spartak Stadium 01. Moscow. 06.09.14

For us, the Motherland is our precious home!


The first match at the new pitch for FK Spartak Moskva was a “friendly” between them and FK Red Star Belgrade. The Red Star backers are always welcome in Moscow… they’re real bros to the Russian people and they aren’t yobbos the way some of the Western fans are (although the English fans were on their best behaviour a few years back when Man United played in Moscow). The Red Star supporters showed a real sense of brotherhood with our suffering compatriots in Novorossiya. Look at the above images… a picture IS worth a thousand words.


Poroshenko: Junta Troops won’t Leave the Donbass

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Poroshenko Peace Plan. 2014

The Poroshenko Peace Plan

Vitaly Podvitsky




This filthy lying nationalist creep just shit all over the agreement that he just signed! Anyone who trusts a Ukrainian nationalist’s word is insane… literally! Read this to see why no Orthodox Christian can have anything to do with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”… I’d say to all people of good will, “These people refuse to honour their sworn word. Don’t trust them… please. If they break their word to us, they’ll do likewise to you, too”.



In a BBC interview, junta strongman P A Poroshenko said after the presenter asked him a question on President Putin’s peace plan, “We won’t say that we’d leave these areas, as we say that these are our territories. I won’t allow violation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of my country”.

On 5 September, a contact group consisting of former Ukrainian President L D Kuchma, Russian Ambassador to the Ukraine M Yu Zurabov, OSCE Special Representative Heidi Tagliavini, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko, Deputy Chairman of the DNR Government A Ye Purgin, and LNR Government head I V Plotnitsky met in Minsk. The DNR and LNR agreed with junta representatives to a ceasefire to begin at 19.00 MSK and signed a letter of 12 points to reach settlement on the crisis situation in the Donbass. For a basis of agreement, the parties took the peace plan proposed by President V V Putin on 3 September.

Following the talks, Poroshenko said that the Ukraine would take “extraordinary steps” to de-escalate the conflict, including decentralising power and providing economic freedoms to Novorossiya, as well as guarantees for the free use of any language in these areas and protecting cultural traditions.

6 September 2014




This sorry sack o’ shit talks out of both sides of his mouth… as “Ukrainian leaders” have done for 23 years! Yet, this is a new depth of depravity, even for them. I think that realistic career sorts in the District (especially at Langley and at Foggy Bottom) are taking note of this. If Poroshenko will knife the Russians, he’d knife his American “benefactors”, too. Lovely sorts, ain’t they? “Knife the Moskali”… that gives you their measure.


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