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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Patriot Partizans Behind Junta Lines Don’t Recognise Truce

00 wrecked junta trucks. Ukraine. 07.09.14


For three months in the junta’s rear, partizans in Zaporozhe, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, Kharkov, and Cherkassy Oblasts destroyed dozens of pieces of equipment and killed hundreds of Natsgadi. A commander of a partizan unit codenamed “Makhno” {a famous Civil War anarchist partizan: editor} said, “No one ordered us to comply with the ceasefire, so, we don’t have to observe it”. The partizans told us that the junta is using the ceasefire to regroup their forces and prepare sneak attacks. They think that when the strategic initiative passed to the VSN, the Ukrainian side had to agree with whatever terms the patriot side laid down. As known, partizans operating in the junta’s rear target Ukrainian officials, ambush Natsgadi, and harass regular junta forces.

7 September 2014




7 September 2014. Why the LNR and DNR Agreed to the Truce… And Why It Might Hold for a Week (But No More)

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Everyone’s aware of the infrastructure damage in the DNR and LNR due to the Ukrainian Civil War. Yes, the Uniate junta is abusing the present truce… but no one expected otherwise, and the patriots are watching the Uniates carefully (as one must). The LNR and DNR authorities were NOT forced to sign the accords. They get several pluses from this short tactical hiatus:

  • Urgent infrastructure repairs can move forward. In particular, the electricity supply grid and the water supply pipelines both needed repairs. They’re doing those now.
  • The VSN received a needed rest. It can not only rest, but bring up supplies to forward units.
  • The civilian population received a respite from the war, allowing some “decompression” time.
  • The LNR and DNR can move in supplies from Russia, as they control the border crossing points in their area and the junta forces can’t fire at the trucks delivering the cargo as long as the truce holds.
  • Food and other civilian goods can move unimpeded for the time being.

Therefore, one can see that the DNR and LNR had solid reasons for inking the agreement, even though they knew that it was fleeting and that the Uniates would violate it. In any case, the faults of the junta are systemic, and no amount of hiatus or truce will remedy them:

  • Morale in the junta forces is in the shitter. There were two purges of the officer corps, which means that the present crop of higher commanders is more politically reliable than militarily competent. The lower officers mainly have no stomach for the war. The rankers are mostly pressed men… most of the long-service troops are either dead, rallied to the patriots/Russians, or deserters.
  • The Grivna is in freefall. It’s lost 50 percent in value since the beginning of the war.
  • Natural gas supplies are running out and the patriots control the coalmines. The energy crisis is real and continues.
  • Unemployment rises as enterprises tied to the Russian market (that is, most businesses) make workers redundant.
  • Effectual control of the “street” is in the hands of fascist toughs, oligarch armed bands, and outright Mafiosi (normal people prefer the last, as they’re the most just of the lot… that is, they prefer Balogh to Kolomoisky or Tyagnibok).
  • The “army” is a mixed bag of former Ukrainian Army units, “volunteer” battalions, oligarch armed bands, “Territorial Defence Battalions” of pressed men, and Euromaidantsy terrorist “National Guard” with no common command structure, no coherent military doctrine, and no real training (merely putting a man in a uniform and giving him a gun a soldier does not make).
  • Poroshenko is a figurehead for a committee of American puppets… the real triumvirate is Yatsenyuk, Turdchinov, and Avakov… all of whom are American toadies.

Let’s not be coy… if the truce were to mature into a real peace, the junta wouldn’t be long for this world due to its internal contradictions. That is, it did get something from its violations of the present truce, but the patriots were aware of that when they signed it, and they signed it because the truce, no matter how short it’d be, would give them real advantages in the end over the junta. Don’t be buffaloed by ignorant pundits like Rod Dreher… look at the real situation. Real people make real decisions in the real world based on real benefits. That’s what happened here. No matter what, the junta’s down for the count. All of Obama’s horses, and all of McCain’s men, couldn’t put Ukraina together again…


Aleksandr Zhilin: “The USA Ordered Poroshenko to Take a Break, Then, Continue the War”

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Military expert, retired Colonel A I Zhilin, spoke with us on the developments in the Ukrainian crisis. Aleksandr Ivanovich believes, “The agreement signed in Minsk was just an ordinary piece of toilet paper, without any real effect or value. Putin spoke with Poroshenko, but dealt mainly with Obama because Vladimir Vladimirovich is well aware that Obama’s henchman in Kiev can’t make independent decisions. Rasmussen said that Western sanctions against Russia wouldn’t end until Russia ‘returns’ the Crimea. That’s to say, they’re permanent. Europe’s still an American satellite and it can’t free itself of slavery to American interests”.

“Poroshenko personally received a command from Obama that he needed to continue the repressions in Novorossiya. The attacks will continue, innocent people will die, and the Ukrainian and Western media will continue to shout with one voice that Russia forced the opolchenie to violate the peace agreement. The tactical pause came about due to huge losses amongst the aggressors and the need to get military equipment from the USA, but it’s also because they need a new spin on events to justify Nazi war crimes”.

“On Wednesday, Yatsenyuk said that Western sanctions caused Putin’s peace initiative. That is, according to him, the motivation for the USA to foment this whole war was a desire to weaken Russia economically. This Kiev sectarian is spouting real nonsense. From the start, the Russian Federation advocated a peaceful resolution of the conflict and didn’t participate in the fighting. The Ukrainian Gauleiters expose themselves as real assholes. The whole world sees it, but some think that this crazy dalliance with Nazism is profitable. It’s horrible to realise this, bearing in mind that the world paid dearly for the same error in the last century”.

7 September 2014



7 September 2014. Video. VSN Kicks Neo-Nazi Aydar Battalion’s Ass!

00 A People United. 06.09.14



Here’s proof that the fascists are on the run… the people united will never be defeated!


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