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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Aleksandr Zhilin: “The USA Ordered Poroshenko to Take a Break, Then, Continue the War”

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Military expert, retired Colonel A I Zhilin, spoke with us on the developments in the Ukrainian crisis. Aleksandr Ivanovich believes, “The agreement signed in Minsk was just an ordinary piece of toilet paper, without any real effect or value. Putin spoke with Poroshenko, but dealt mainly with Obama because Vladimir Vladimirovich is well aware that Obama’s henchman in Kiev can’t make independent decisions. Rasmussen said that Western sanctions against Russia wouldn’t end until Russia ‘returns’ the Crimea. That’s to say, they’re permanent. Europe’s still an American satellite and it can’t free itself of slavery to American interests”.

“Poroshenko personally received a command from Obama that he needed to continue the repressions in Novorossiya. The attacks will continue, innocent people will die, and the Ukrainian and Western media will continue to shout with one voice that Russia forced the opolchenie to violate the peace agreement. The tactical pause came about due to huge losses amongst the aggressors and the need to get military equipment from the USA, but it’s also because they need a new spin on events to justify Nazi war crimes”.

“On Wednesday, Yatsenyuk said that Western sanctions caused Putin’s peace initiative. That is, according to him, the motivation for the USA to foment this whole war was a desire to weaken Russia economically. This Kiev sectarian is spouting real nonsense. From the start, the Russian Federation advocated a peaceful resolution of the conflict and didn’t participate in the fighting. The Ukrainian Gauleiters expose themselves as real assholes. The whole world sees it, but some think that this crazy dalliance with Nazism is profitable. It’s horrible to realise this, bearing in mind that the world paid dearly for the same error in the last century”.

7 September 2014




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