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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

9 September 2014. The “Russian Invasion”… Why That’s Crank BS and the Real Deal Behind the VSN Offensive

00 the Ukraine. 1991-2014. 02.09.14


Recently, there’s been all sort of brouhaha in the Western media about a notional Russian invasion of Novorossiya. Nothing could be further from the truth. If there was an intervention on the scale of that in the 2008 South Ossetia war (2 mechanised divisions and 2 airborne divisions), it would’ve been bloody obvious. Firstly, beyond hundreds of AFVs, there’d be thousands (literally) of soft admin vehicles carrying supplies, munitions, and spares for the forces. Such was not seen. Huh? Modern armies require a logistics tail, and the Russian army is no exception. There were no cargo trucks, no breakdown vehicles, no mobile field kitchens, no mobile evacuation hospitals… nothing. That is, no military force crossed the border, as no one saw any of the requisite support units anywhere. ZILCH. NADA. NICHEVO. Besides which, all armies have operational doctrines… their signatures, if you will. The small force that crossed the border didn’t follow Russian offensive doctrine… they did follow Russian protocols for a quick clandestine recce and return to base… both sides have done that for some time. That is, there was no invasion, there was a patrol action, one of many in recent days.

Then, what was behind the VSN offensive if it wasn’t Russian forces? It was units made up of ex-Ukrainian Army personnel who rallied to Russia in the Crimea. Note well that the Western media doesn’t talk of these men at all. They don’t exist as far as the New York Times, Washington Post, or The Economist report. Thousands of Ukie soldiers rallied to Russia because the fascist shits in Kiev made it clear that they were going to ram Galician hillbilly pidgin down everyone’s throat and that the whole country would have to swallow Galician Uniate lies wholesale (don’t forget, the Galician Uniates fought willingly for Hitler and gladly killed Jews, Poles, Roma, and Russians for the Nazis… history records this).Of course, if one wasn’t a Galician Uniate, this wasn’t an inviting prospect… indeed, for many Galicians it wasn’t an inviting prospect (after all, Svoboda only got 38 percent of the vote in the Lvovshchina) either.

Russia made it clear… “Rally to Russia… we’ll accept you as soldiers, see that you get proper pay, and that you get enough to eat” (the junta wasn’t paying or feeding the troops, believe it or not). Trust me, the troops in the Crimea were normal sorts… they rallied to Russia. Now, what happened to those guys? Well, Admiral Berezovsky, the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy is now a deputy commander of the ChF-MF… many of the Berkutovtsy are now in the OMON… it’s apparent that Russians formed up the army soldiers into units under their own ex-Ukrainian officers, intensively trained them to bring them up to Russian standards, and the Russians sent them back home to finish off the junta. No Russian troops will enter any part of the former Ukraine. All of the equipment sent was from former Ukrainian Army stocks… that is, no Russian personnel or equipment has crossed the border in any numbers.

Right now, the Western pastiche is falling apart. What the USA fears is that VVP can entice three of the eastern members of NATO with pieces of the former Ukraine. Poland would get the Lvovshchina as that was Polish under the Second Republic… Hungary wants Podkarpatskaya (sources tell me that locals would rather have that than be under Poland or Slovakia)… Romania eyes Bukovina. The former Ukrainian Army personnel now serving in the VSN are superior to the ragtag junta forces… they’re long-service troops… most of the junta forces are now pressed men, Euromaidantsy terrorists, or prisoners released to wreck mayhem on the civilian population (there are some foreign PMC mercenaries, but probably less than a thousand all told). Furthermore, their “officers” mostly lack professional military educations. They’re as untrained as their men are! There’s no notional “Russian invasion”… there are professional troops waxing the asses of half-assed volunteers. After all, there’s been two purges of the officer corps by the junta (another fact not reported in the Western media)… no army does well after such an exercise.

Note well that the VSN withdrew from some exposed positions without combat… that’s what pros do after they capture a large swath of territory. What they didn’t secure, they fell back from, so as not to expose themselves unnecessarily to counterattacks. The purpose of the VSN is to destroy the enemy… the junta wants to seize territory and terrorise civilians. You can see which one is the army and which one is the mob. Keep all the above in mind as you read the increasingly fictive accounts in the Western press. The prewar Ukrainian Army still exists… in the patriot ranks of the VSN. It’s the only way that decent normal people can rid themselves of the Galician Uniate fascist thugocracy in Kiev. Keep it focused, for the times are evil.



9 September 2014. Here’s Some More Unbelievable BS from Our Western Media Pals…

00 Jen Psaki. caricatura.ru. 27.08.14

She has kennel-mates as crass as she is… we know who they are!


I knew that the Western media was clueless about Russia, but this one takes First Prize with a LOOONG Blue Ribbon. Read this… yes, it appears that Langley is that desperate. I get NO money for my writing. NONE. I know other pro-Russian people on the net; they’re not paid either. I’ll tell you who ARE paid for their lying shit in the media… Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, Rod Dreher, and Victor Potapov… all of whom write pro-Western propaganda bullshit. We pro-Russian folks don’t get a thin dime for our time. We do it for love of our ancestral Motherland and Faith. The people I named are mercenaries who draw pay packets from the haters of the Motherland… they all live better than any of us pro-Russian people do.

Yes, Virginia, there are soulless trolls… on the Western payroll! After all, they do follow the lead of clueless sorts like Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, don’t they? Bite the coin… there be counterfeits in circulation…


9 September 2014. Potapov Goes Off Deep End… “Radio Liberty” Posted Scurrilous Post on V V Putin… Potapov Should “Hang” (Figuratively) For This

00 The First Families Recurring Nightmare 03.12


Radio Liberty isn’t the best of sources… everyone knows that it’s Langley’s propaganda mouthpiece. However, read this. Victor Potapov didn’t protest this… of course not, he’s a Hard Right fascist, from Nazi collaborationist KONR stock. Paffso didn’t say anything, for his rightwing pals put it up. Alexander Webster is part of the slimeocracy that issues forth such shit… and Freddie M-G works for NPR, another government media outlet. Obviously, as Potapov is a wheel (NOT a Tillie the Toiler slogger) in Langley’s efforts to subvert the Motherland (let’s call things as they are), he knew of this. YOU BASTARD! You knifed the Motherland in the back! You do it all for your hatred of justice and your love of money! You’ve grown grey in the service of those who hate the Motherland… you have no shame whatsoever. Everyone knows what a moral zero you are. I’m a sinner… I’m a sinful-ginful, alright, but I’m not a sell-out who attacks their own for filthy lucre and applause from the haters of Christ’s Church and of those who wish to destroy Holy Rus.

Radio Liberty is a dagger pointed at the Motherland’s throat… as are the Uniates. By the way, reports have it that Potapov is very chummy with the Uniates who work for Radio Liberty. He socialises with them, most sources tell me. If shitbirds of a feather flock together… well, how long are we going to abide this suka’s antics? This is what the First Families defend and stand for. This is too much of a muchness (watch that suka Dreher defend Potapov… I’ll bet on it…). This is why our Church suffers disunity and stumbles about in the bog… we’ve fallen… shall we get up?


Junta Refuses to Pay for Funerals of Natsgadi Killed in the Donbass

00 inflatable rat moneybags

There’s money for Avakov and Turdchinov to live high… there’s none for the funerals of those killed in Novorossiya… that’s Free Market Crapitalism for ya! 


The junta announced that they wouldn’t pay for the funerals of Natsgadi killed in the fighting in Novorossiya. Thus, the family involved would have to pay the full cost of any funeral expenses. Dmitri Novitsky, head of the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure of the Kiev City State Administration, said, “At present, given that the government hasn’t laid down any guidelines, we can’t fund public funerals and burials of citizens killed in military operations in Kiev”. He went on to say that such services are only for members of the armed forces and war invalids. The mother of a Natsgadi member killed at Ilovaisk, flew into a rage, saying that the junta didn’t allocate money for protective gear, even though it promised to help the soldiers at the front. She said, “Go on, they said, ‘fight’! Now, they want us pensioners to pay the full cost of the funerals, like we’ve got money to burn!”

9 September 2014




Look at how the weaselly bastards operate… just like their American mentors. Natsgadi aren’t technically in the Army, so, we don’t consider them “soldiers”, and so, we won’t pay for their funerals if they die in battle. Yatsenyuk and Klichko dine on fillet mignon… ain’t that grand? That’s grand Free Market crapitalism for ya…


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