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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Junta Refuses to Pay for Funerals of Natsgadi Killed in the Donbass

00 inflatable rat moneybags

There’s money for Avakov and Turdchinov to live high… there’s none for the funerals of those killed in Novorossiya… that’s Free Market Crapitalism for ya! 


The junta announced that they wouldn’t pay for the funerals of Natsgadi killed in the fighting in Novorossiya. Thus, the family involved would have to pay the full cost of any funeral expenses. Dmitri Novitsky, head of the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure of the Kiev City State Administration, said, “At present, given that the government hasn’t laid down any guidelines, we can’t fund public funerals and burials of citizens killed in military operations in Kiev”. He went on to say that such services are only for members of the armed forces and war invalids. The mother of a Natsgadi member killed at Ilovaisk, flew into a rage, saying that the junta didn’t allocate money for protective gear, even though it promised to help the soldiers at the front. She said, “Go on, they said, ‘fight’! Now, they want us pensioners to pay the full cost of the funerals, like we’ve got money to burn!”

9 September 2014




Look at how the weaselly bastards operate… just like their American mentors. Natsgadi aren’t technically in the Army, so, we don’t consider them “soldiers”, and so, we won’t pay for their funerals if they die in battle. Yatsenyuk and Klichko dine on fillet mignon… ain’t that grand? That’s grand Free Market crapitalism for ya…



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