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Friday, 12 September 2014

12 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front… All Quiet for Now… OFFICIALLY

00 novorossiya sitrep map. 12.09.14


The VSN withdrew to more defensible lines and the Galician Uniate fascists stupidly followed them. If this is on the advice of their American “advisors”… it shows that the quality of US Army officers has gone south. The US forces have engaged in asymmetrical warfare for so long that they’ve forgotten how to fight a peer conflict. The August offensive should’ve been a wakeup for the Galician Uniates and their American puppeteers, but it wasn’t. The VSN hunkers down in its bunkers, waiting for the expected Uniate sneak attack.

The junta supposedly has 48,000 effectives upfront… the patriots reportedly have 23,000. We have no OOB intel on patriot forces, but we do have some on the junta forces:

  • 1 Tank Brigade
  • 4 Mechanised Brigades
  • 1 Airborne Brigade
  • 21 Territorial Defence/Natsgadi/Oligarch Battalions

That is, there’s 44 manoeuvre battalions (7 Tank, 13 Mechanised, 3 Airborne, 21 irregular). Note that nearly half are militarily worthless detached battalions not under higher headquarters. These units lack heavy weapons and battle-worthy APCs, they’re truckborne for the most part, and MAY have mortars attached. Their higher officers are incompetent Galician Uniates chosen for political reliability, their lower officers are untrained Euromaidantsy fanatics, and they have commissars/zampoliti (“morale instructors”) who have orders to shoot to kill all those that they suspect of not having sufficient enthusiasm. Of course, that’s the reason that the August Offensive succeeded. The VSN is a well-led force with high motivation… the junta forces are pressed men under fanatics. The VSN pulled back to force the junta incompetents to make the first move. You can be certain that the mechanised force that spearheaded the advance on the Mariupol strategic direction is now in reserve, to counter any possible junta attack.

The junta is in the deep shit… and Russia hasn’t needed to send in any troops. The junta’s committing suicide… and VVP’s letting them do it.



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