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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Partizans Blew Up Fuel Shipment Meant for Repressions in Novorossiya in Kharkov Railyard

00 Partizan! Strike Back for the Motherland! Pyotr Krivonogov. 1943


Near the Osnova rail station in Kharkov, at about 21.00 MSK, partizans set off an explosive device that caused a fire in a train with tank trucks. The fuel was to go to junta forces involved in the repressions in Novorossiya. Eyewitnesses reported that they heard a loud explosion, which one could hear on the Merefyanskoe Motorway, and in Zhikharev and Osnova. Emergency crews responded to the incident, but the censored Ukrainian media didn’t report on casualties.

13 September 2014




This means that the junta has to take forces to secure its rear… not a good sign. When one adds in the recent shutdown of the LAZ in Lvov… they’re in the shitter, aren’t they?


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