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Friday, 19 September 2014

Poroshenko’s Admissions in Rada Leaked to Ukrainian Media

00 January 2015. Who Cares. 02.09.14


When junta strongman Poroshenko came to the Rada to persuade Deputies to vote “yes” on laws on Donbass autonomy and amnesty for opolchenietsy, he admitted that there was appalling news on destroyed junta military equipment, junta troops in Novorossiyan captivity, and junta military dead. TSN reported that one of the Deputies said (speaking anonymously), “The President said that about 2,000 of our troops fell into enemy hands over four days”. A UDAR Rada People’s Deputy told reporters, “He said that 58 percent of Ukrainian military equipment is now destroyed. He gave more information about dead, deserters, and prisoners of war, which I don’t even want to talk about, so as not to demoralise people”.

20 September 2014



19 September 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. The Anglos Left ‘Em in the Lurch! 2014

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Anglos Left 'em in the Lurch. 2014

The Anglos Left ‘Em in the Lurch!

Vitaly Podvitsky



The message of this cartoon is brutally clear. The Anglo Americans fucked over their Galician Uniate patsies and left ’em in the lurch! It’s what they do… they did it in Cuba in 1959… they did it in Hungary in 1956… they did it to the Czechs in 1968… they did it to the Vietnamese and Portuguese in 1975… they did it to the Georgians in 2008. Whenever somebody becomes inconvenient to the Anglos, they abandon them without as much as a “by your leave”, and throw them to the dogs. Yushchenko will go to Chicago (where his wife is from)… the Rabbit will go to Palm Beach to hang out with his Scientologist sister… Turdchinov will go to Virginia Beach and teach at Liberty University… the Klichkos will scuttle back to Germany… Kolomoisky will sip Margaritas on the beach in Tel Aviv… Avakov may end up in the slam again and Poroshenko will probably end up dead. The only one to get out of this mess with any local power intact will probably be Tyagnibok, who’d be Poland’s willing satrap in the Lvovshchina… in fact, he’s in Galicia now, shoring up his local political networks (he’s the only one of the junta members with any brains or foresight… yes, he’s got the least scruples and humanity, but he’s the smartest and most ruthless of the lot… he’ll survive).


Starving Junta Soldiers Sell Avtomats to Buy Food

00 Novorossiya. BMP. 16.08.14


A VSN officer with the codename “Chekist” told an IA Regnum correspondent, “On 17 September, the enemy shelled our positions from their strongpoints at the Donetsk Airport. Their shells hit the village of Peski near Donetsk, wounding two of our soldiers. The enemy also attempted to break out of the airport, but it didn’t succeed. Our scouts reported that up to 200 mercenaries man the airport defences, comprising Ukrainians, Englishmen, Albanians, and various Nazis”. He also pointed up that the junta command left the Cherkassy Territorial Defence Battalion in Volnovakha without money or food, saying, “In Volnovakha, locals reported that the soldiers of the Cherkassy Battalion want to surrender to us. Allegedly, Ukrainian soldiers go town and try to sell their avtomats for 500 Grivna each (1,430 Roubles. 230 Renminbi. 2,260 INR. 37 USD. 41 CAD. 42 AUD. 29 Euros. 23 UK Pounds) and they try to sell their diesel fuel for 8 Grivna (23 Roubles. 3.75 Renminbi. 36 INR. 0.60 USD. 0.65 CAD. 0.66 AUD. 0.46 Euros. 0.36 UK Pounds) per litre. They’ve left them to starve; they’re just dying of hunger. Of course, compassionate local people feed them”. In addition, he said that VSN artillery destroyed junta chemical weapons stores on Wednesday, noting, “Our intelligence reported that the enemy is preparing the use of chemical weapons. Boxes are marked ‘toxic substances’. After the enemy shelled our positions, our counterbattery fire hit their chemical warehouses. We destroyed them. In other areas of the front, the truce and ceasefire still holds. The VSN controls the M50 motorway to Gorlovka”.

19 September 2014

Donbass Tsentr


The Collapse of Ukrainian Industry

00 Her grndson served with the Berkut. 05.09.14


In August 2014, industrial production in Ukraine decreased by 21.4 percent compared to August 2013. The biggest drops were in coalmining, 60.4 percent, metallurgy, 30.0 percent, and mechanical engineering, 31.0 percent.


I offer no comment, as none is necessary.

18 September 2014




The lights are going out (literally) in the Ukraine. The EU doesn’t want Ukrainian industry… it only wants the Ukraine as a market to dump German goods and to have Ukrainians as a source of cheap sweated labour. I think that Ukrainians are getting wise to this… they’re noticing that the Galician Uniates are big on talk and small on delivering the goods. Remember, there are brownouts in Kiev and no hot water… what does that mean for the provinces (they’re obviously worse off… there’s no foreign news media there to tell the tale)? The LAZ lays idle… as does its workforce.

This doesn’t portend a long life either for the junta or for the moribund Ukrainian state. No one will cry for it once it’s gone… save for nutters in the USA and Canada. I pray for the end of the sick beast “Ukraine” as quickly as possible. The poor people there have suffered enough… let the oligarchs and the Uniate hierarchy go to Saskatoon… they’ll be welcome there, to be sure…


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