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Friday, 19 September 2014

Synopsis of the Cossack National Guard: A Violent Truce

00 cossack banner. 19.09.14

Banner of the Cossack Forces… “God is with Us!… For the Faith, the Don, and the Fatherland!”


From 17 to 19 September, junta forces repeatedly violated the so-called truce. From the area of ​​Kruglik in Shakhtyorsk Raion, they opened up massive shelling that killed civilians and livestock, and destroyed civilian houses. Several times, junta units fired at Sofievka in Aleksandrovsk Raion and Bayrachki in Perevalsk Raion. In the area of Komissarovka in Perevalsk Raion, they fired mortars and shelled coalmines in the vicinity. Cossack National Guard units attacked the junta bandits, pushing the enemy back, at the cost of one killed and several wounded. Friendly artillery destroyed several junta AFVs, an ammunition dump, and two observation posts. Cossack National Guard reconnaissance revealed that the junta forces made intensive preparations for defence. They sent a large number of UAZ trucks, tanks, AFVs, SP artillery, along with troops and conventional artillery by road on the axis Debaltsevo-Lugansk-Mironovsky. The junta forces are attempting to ship in large amounts of provisions and munitions into the Debalcevo area. All along the line, junta forces strengthen their positions. This morning, 19 September, near Popasnaya, in the direction of Pervomaisk, a fierce battle began with many dead and wounded on both sides. There’s no word yet on specific casualties for either side.

 19 September 2014



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