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Sunday, 21 September 2014

21 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 Novorossiya sitrep 01. 21.09.14


The patriot forces continue to consolidate their positions and wear down junta pockets behind the frontlines… which isn’t good news for the Uniate junta. Up to this point, the junta has monopolised Western media discourse, but the utter failure of the Poroshenko mission to Washington puts that in doubt. The USA had to choose between intervention in Iraq (and the Syrian Civil War as well) or a deeper involvement in the Ukrainian Civil War. The former won out, as the Republicans hate Muslims more than they hate Russians (although the level of Republican Know-Nothing hate of Russians, Russian culture, Holy Rus, and Russian Orthodoxy isn’t minor at all). This guarantees that the USA will lose on all fronts… there’s no such thing as “moderate rebels”… any aid sent to anti-Assad forces will help ISIS, there’s no way around that. If the USA decides to intervene in the Syrian Civil War (which it has… make no mistake on it), that means that it won’t have the resources to intervene in the Ukraine. The USA isn’t the “sole superpower”… it was simply a major power that benefited from the power vacuüm created by the collapse of the USSR. Now, modern Russia has bounced back, which means that the USA is back to its pre-1991 position, but it doesn’t realise it yet. Rightwing pukes such as Rich Lowry, George Will, and Rod Dreher still don’t “get it”…. and probably won’t… they’re wedded to their opium dreams of the USA as “the sole world superpower”. Look at the above map… the patriots consolidate and carefully move forward… bet on “RED”… as in “Christian Socialist”… don’t bet on “BLACK”… as in “Free Market Nihilist”. That’s my tip of the day…


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