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Sunday, 21 September 2014

21 September 2014. Three WESTERN Views of the Current Situation… A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

00 Adams. NATO Rools! 2014


00 Dave Brown. The Charge of the Lite Brigade. 2014


00 Tom Stiglich. It Doesn't Hurt the Bear... 2014


In the top image, it’s clear that none of the Western “leaders” are of VVP’s calibre… in the eyes of an Anglosphere cartoonist. In the middle one, Obama rushes headlong at Russia, whilst France, Britain, and Germany all ride away in the opposite direction. In the last, the Bear gives us his opinion of Western sanctions… all that it’s done has been to reinforce Russian moves towards autarky… and Russia has the natural resources, industry, and human potential to pull it off. In short, Western sanctions are GIGO all the way.

Theses are WESTERN POVs, by the way…


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