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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… The Blood of the Victims Cries Out!

00 Khatyn memorial. 04.05.14


Here is a list of some of the civilian dead of the Ukrainian Civil War. Reflect on this… “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”, as groups, support the aggression and repressions in Novorossiya. Yes, there are individuals amongst them who oppose the murder and rapine of the junta and its “armed forces” (which is nothing but an untrained, undisciplined, and unformed mob)… yes, there are individuals who support the free patriots of Novorossiya. However, the Uniates, in particular, want to ram Galician hillbilly non-culture down the throats of all who live in the pseudo-state known as the Ukraine. This is evil, and all decent people must oppose it. These institutions have taken a stand FOR fascism (glorifying the SS and UPA murderers)… FOR murder (“A knife for the Moskals”)… FOR racism (“Ukraine for Ukrainians only”)… FOR glorifying Nazi collaborators (such as Slipy, who blessed SS troops). NO DECENT PERSON CAN ASSOCIATE WITH SUCH GODLESS AND EVIL SCUM, FULL STOP.

As you read the names, reflect on the fact that the Uniates and schismatical “Orthodox” don’t care how many people die, as long as they can have their “Ukraine”. I seem to recall, Thou shalt have no other gods before me… that’s in the Decalogue. Nationalism IS a god… what does that make the “Ukrainian nationalists?” They are many things, but Christians they are NOT… ponder that, if you will.

REMEMBER THE DEAD… they all had faces… they all had names… they had dreams, loved ones, and aspirations…

Stand for the Truth…



Uniate Junta Refuses to Honour Truce It Signed in Minsk on Friday… Is That Surprising?

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014


According to Andrei Lysenko, a high junta official, in spite of the agreement signed in Minsk, the junta isn’t going to withdraw its troops from the line of contact. He explained this decision by saying that the truce in the Donbass had already broken down. The parties to the negotiations in Minsk agreed to establish a 30-kilometre buffer zone of security, as well as withdraw all heavy weapons from residential areas. However, neither side is in a hurry to fulfil the agreements reached. Moreover, recently, hostilities broke out again, and junta bands continue to fire at civilian neighbourhoods.

22 September 2014



22 September 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. Give Me Guns! 2014

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Give Me Guns! 2014


I think that the Americans now realise that the Poroshenko junta is going down… WHOOSH! D’ ya hear that? That’s the sound of the junta going down the shitter! Everybody knows it… even Choco does, in his heart-of-hearts. The only true believer left is the Rabbit… Tyagnibok ain’t in Kiev… he’s in Galicia, shoring up his local networks to profit from whatever happens to the Lvovshchina. V I Balogh of Clan Balogh was seen in Hungary (“Balogh” is the “Smith” of Hungary, after all). Darlin’ Yuliya is still layin’ low… as the Rabbit hits the Tar-Baby, she’s in Parts Unknown, waiting for all the shit to die down (you may be sure that she’s salted away a goodly penny, “just in case”). Turdchinov is not as much in evidence… is he preparing a bolthole with his pal Pat Robertson? In short, the junta’s WORSE than a raving madman… everyone’s just waiting for this unthrifty beast to expire, but no one’s bringing out the humane killer. God help the poor people of the former “Ukraine”…


DNR Forces Liberate Zhdanovka

00 trampling on Ukie flag. 14.09.14


In the evening of 20 September, DNR troops entered Zhdanovka, with locals greeting their liberators with glee. They tore down the hated Ukrainian flag from the Gorsoviet building. One of the locals asked Yenakievsk commandant Igor Korovyakovsky, “Can we go out at night, now?” People gathered in the courtyard of a central city church told our soldiers, “May the Lord bless you!” They were getting water from a well, as the junta authorities didn’t bother to repair the water system when they occupied the town.

21 September 2014

Government and Supreme Soviet of the DNR

Official Website



The junta authorities have no money to feed and pay their troops, they’re running out of proper armoured vehicles, and they don’t repair anything in towns that they’ve occupied. They had to disband the 51 Brigade due to heavy losses and the survivors have no morale. In short, they’re in the deep kimchi. The VSN is still weaker numerically than the junta forces… but the junta forces, except for Uniate fanatics, have no will to fight. Novorossiya is playing a waiting game… which the junta can’t afford. The patriots now have undisputed control of their border crossing points, which means that they can count on unlimited food and fuel supplies from Russia. In short, the junta must win big quickly… but it can’t. What’ll replace the junta? I have no bloody idea. No one does.


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