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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. The Face of the Suffering of Novorossiya… THIS is Why You Must Hate and Oppose the Pro-American Lickspittle Uniate Junta in Kiev

00 Novorossiya. refugees. Rostov Oblast. 22.09.14


Look at the above image. The Uniate pigs, in particular, want to press forward with war… and the Roman Curia eggs them on! Look at the above image… that’s why you must refuse to have ANY official contact with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”… both support the murderous policies of the junta in Novorossiya… which is no longer part of the Ukraine, as it voted in a legitimate plebiscite to leave that mouldering American-dominated neoliberal crapitalistic hell. Look at the above image… this is what Victor Potapov, Sophia Kishkovsky, Serge Schmemann, Rod Dreher, Alexander Webster, and Freddie M-G support by being part of the Western media machine/punditocracy. Look at the above image… it could’ve been anyone of us, if our forebears hadn’t emigrated. The Westerns view us as inferior beings… that’s why our homelands are not and cannot be part of the West. They offer us a second-class seat in their train (with their condescending smiles and patronising attitudes)… FUCK YOU AND THE CAMEL YOU CAME IN ON. We have our own culture and we don’t want (or need) yours. The Uniates want to be the West’s rat finks and bully boys… if so, let them! However, we shouldn’t let them fuck over the Motherland, and that’s that…



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