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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. The “Quiet Hunt”… That be “Mushrooming” for Them Not in the Know…

00 mushrooming in Ivanovo Oblast. Russia. 22.09.14

Mushrooming in Ivanovo Oblast


Russians are PASSIONATE about mushrooms… we love ’em! No, we LOVE ‘EM! Any which way we can get ’em, and any which way you care to prepare ’em, most Russians are the head of the queue when it comes to mushroom appreciation. If you go mushrooming, ya gotta wear yer grubbies and your rubber wellies… no two ways about it! Use a wicker basket to carry your prizes… if you use plastic bags, they turn into undifferentiated goo. This is the most popular “hunt” in Russia, hands down… them griby be Good Eats…



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