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Monday, 22 September 2014

DNR Forces Liberate Zhdanovka

00 trampling on Ukie flag. 14.09.14


In the evening of 20 September, DNR troops entered Zhdanovka, with locals greeting their liberators with glee. They tore down the hated Ukrainian flag from the Gorsoviet building. One of the locals asked Yenakievsk commandant Igor Korovyakovsky, “Can we go out at night, now?” People gathered in the courtyard of a central city church told our soldiers, “May the Lord bless you!” They were getting water from a well, as the junta authorities didn’t bother to repair the water system when they occupied the town.

21 September 2014

Government and Supreme Soviet of the DNR

Official Website



The junta authorities have no money to feed and pay their troops, they’re running out of proper armoured vehicles, and they don’t repair anything in towns that they’ve occupied. They had to disband the 51 Brigade due to heavy losses and the survivors have no morale. In short, they’re in the deep kimchi. The VSN is still weaker numerically than the junta forces… but the junta forces, except for Uniate fanatics, have no will to fight. Novorossiya is playing a waiting game… which the junta can’t afford. The patriots now have undisputed control of their border crossing points, which means that they can count on unlimited food and fuel supplies from Russia. In short, the junta must win big quickly… but it can’t. What’ll replace the junta? I have no bloody idea. No one does.



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