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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. There Be Some Feisty Folks in Russian Parts, I Hear…

00 Life's Pretty Scary, Now! 22.09.14


To hear the Western punditocracy talk, you’d think that Russians were a buncha wimps… well, there are many true things in this world, but that’s not one of ’em. Russians don’t sincerely give a good goddamn until the shit hits the fan. They’re NOT Germans! They don’t plan obsessively for everything. You gotta hit ’em in the ass with a two-by-four with a nail sticking out to get their attention… and that’s on a good day! I note that many of the Western pundits who down Russia NEVER served in the forces themselves and are card-carrying yellow cowards (Rod Dreher, George Will, Rich Lowry, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, to name just a few)… what would they know about stand-up courage? I’d say that they don’t know it and wouldn’t know it if it bit them on the ass hard… the only thing that they care about is that they’re above the median economically. They’re the guy saying, “You got it, bro”… they’re NOT the stand-up people on the street, that’s for sure…

The weapons are all iconic Russian arms… an RPG… a Maksim gun… a Moisin rifle (along with a RG-42 stick grenade)… a DP “record player” machine gun… plus an ordinary shotgun for good measure.



22 September 2014. Here Be Those Nasty Ol’ Russian Soldiers that the Western Media Bloviates About…

00 russian navy officers. 22.09.14

Russian Navy men back from sea duty with the Pacific Fleet


There’s much bloviation about Russian military men in the Western punditocracy… they’re all mediocrities at best… they’re brutal rapists, thugs, and thieves… they’re completely clueless as compared to their Western counterparts… they’re just not REAL military men (to be military men in the Western sense, one has to devastate civilian neighbourhoods without mercy, use torture when you feel like it, force-feed prisoners, call all your enemies “terrorists”, and bomb ’em all into the Stone Age without any moral qualms whatsoever). Nope… Russian soldiers aren’t like that at all. They’re normal human beings, as the above image testifies… and their professional standards are as high as anyone else’s. The USA lacks the money, means, manpower, and will to face Russia, and that’s that. In any case, Russians ARE patriotic and WILL fight for their Motherland,,, they’re not service-evading cowards like the leading elements of the US Republican Party… don’t attend to rightwing jerks like George Will, Rich Lowry, Rod Dreher, or the bloviators at Stratfor (they aren’t real intel people… they’re media poseurs)… they DO have an agenda…


22 September 2014. What’s Shakin’ at the Yekaterinburg Zoo? There Be New White Bengal Tiger Cubs, I Hear…

00 white bengal tiger. yekaterinburg. RUSSIA. 22.09.14


There be new White Bengal Tiger cubs at the Yekaterinburg Zoo, next to their mother, Hindu. The animals care for their young… so should we. Don’t vote for Republicans in the upcoming election! That’s one thing that we can do… let’s be like the caring beasts, not like beastly human greedsters. One of these things is NOT like the other!


22 September 2014. The Face of the Suffering of Novorossiya… THIS is Why You Must Hate and Oppose the Pro-American Lickspittle Uniate Junta in Kiev

00 Novorossiya. refugees. Rostov Oblast. 22.09.14


Look at the above image. The Uniate pigs, in particular, want to press forward with war… and the Roman Curia eggs them on! Look at the above image… that’s why you must refuse to have ANY official contact with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”… both support the murderous policies of the junta in Novorossiya… which is no longer part of the Ukraine, as it voted in a legitimate plebiscite to leave that mouldering American-dominated neoliberal crapitalistic hell. Look at the above image… this is what Victor Potapov, Sophia Kishkovsky, Serge Schmemann, Rod Dreher, Alexander Webster, and Freddie M-G support by being part of the Western media machine/punditocracy. Look at the above image… it could’ve been anyone of us, if our forebears hadn’t emigrated. The Westerns view us as inferior beings… that’s why our homelands are not and cannot be part of the West. They offer us a second-class seat in their train (with their condescending smiles and patronising attitudes)… FUCK YOU AND THE CAMEL YOU CAME IN ON. We have our own culture and we don’t want (or need) yours. The Uniates want to be the West’s rat finks and bully boys… if so, let them! However, we shouldn’t let them fuck over the Motherland, and that’s that…


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