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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

24 September 2014. Cossack Babai is Back at the Front in Novorossiya!

00 Babai is back. 24.09.14



Cossack Babai is back at the front in Novorossiya! Eat shit and die, Uniate suki!



GOAA Parish Church in Palm Harbor FL Burns, Relics Saved

00 kid with icon. Greek church. 24.09.14



These guys need a hand… send ‘em a fin (or two or three).

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Ss Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church

1010 Riviere Road

Palm Harbor FL 34683 




Fire investigators from were on the scene of a church fire in Palm Harbor FL well into the afternoon Tuesday, looking for anything suspicious. For members of the Greek Orthodox parish as they prayed this morning, there was a feeling that a higher power had stepped in and taken control. The fire at Ss Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church started sometime after 03.00 EDT. Carol Dyer, who was delivering papers for the Tampa Bay Times, spotted it. She told us, “I saw smoke coming out from the roof around the eaves”. Dyer immediately called 911, but took no credit, saying, “God orchestrated it. He had his hand on these people. He didn’t want their place to burn down”. Fire crews from Palm Harbor were on the scene within minutes, fighting a blaze that ripped its way through a kitchen and common area. The fire and heat, charring and melting, even caused a chimney to buckle 15 degrees.

However, for church members, the structure itself was secondary to what was inside. Elias Damianakis explained, “The concern is for the sacred objects in the church. We are one of the few parishes in the south that have relics of the Saints”. The relics, fragments of the bones of three saints, Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene, brought here in 2004 by the Archbishop of Greece, were all in a case behind a wall.  The fire stopped just short of the wall. Irene Koulianos believes something kept the fire back. When asked if she thought it was the hand of God, she replied, “Absolutely”. On a morning where many would expect to see mourning, members outside the church did not. Irene said, “You witness miracles, what are you going to do? You just say thank God you can witness these things”. Therefore, they prayed to celebrate the divine, and to honour what they saw as divine intervention.

23 September 2014

ABC Action News/WFTS Tampa Bay


24 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 novorossiya 01. sitrep map. 24.09.14


Obama’s performance at the UN today was pathetic. The USA lacks the power and will to face down Russia in the Ukraine. It’d be a replay of South Ossetia in ’08… the Americans would flee with their tails between their legs… just as they did when the Russians captured Gori (with all the proof of the American involvement in that misbegotten little war). The Anglos haven’t forgiven the Russians for whipping them soundly in ’08 and for exposing them as empty and verbose liars. Therefore they issue boastful and strutting claims… they’re the most powerful nation in the world… that no one can stand up to them… that they have overwhelming conventional superiority. I’d notice that the US forces can’t win against ragtag patriot forces in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq… it can’t unseat Assad or the mullahs… it can’t prevent a Sino-Russian alliance on the World Island that stops them in their tracks. Look at the above map… the USA can’t purchase victory for its clients. The Anglo Americans are narcissistic blowhards… typified by Rush Limbaugh, Rod Dreher, and Sean Hannity… but they’re cocksure arrogant juveniles with A-bombs… now, that’s scary…


24 September 2014. Russian Rocker Aleksandr Sklyar Issues Song in Support of Novorossiya… “Millions (When War was on the Doorstep)”

00 Novorossiya OPPOSES the Junta! 22.08.14



Famous rocker Aleksandr F. Sklyar recorded a song in support of Novorossiya, Millions (When War was on the Doorstep). The main idea of the song is that everyone in Novorossiya is involved in the war somehow. The famous rocker encourages all Russian people to “choose the weapons that you’ll fight with”. On its first day of appearance on YouTube, more than 103,500 people viewed the song.

24 September 2014




By now, the number of hits on the vid is over 220,000… people respond to truth, well-expressed. That’s why no one really listened to Barack Obama at the UN today… it was lies… badly-expressed. The USA refuses to admit its role as the chief warmonger on the planet. That’s why Russians are rising as one to oppose the American aggression in the Ukraine. America has met its match… millions have heard the call, they are “choosing the weapons that they’ll fight with”, and they’re not going to allow the nekulturny Anglo Americans to impose their cretinish non-culture on Holy Rus. The Americans foolishly goaded the Russians and Chinese… they’ll find out that these ancient peoples will vanquish “winning is the only thing”… America can’t defeat the spirit of the Long March and of the 900 Days.


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