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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

24 September 2014. A Blast From the Past… DO NOT Rile the Bear… He DOES Tend to Get Feisty n’ Gnarly…

00 Russia and South Ossetia. 2008


There’s much rot written about the 2008 South Ossetia War, especially by Anglo Americans. Let’s state some home truths. The Georgians started the war with a sneak Grad attack on sleeping civilians in Tskhinval. They did so with the full knowledge and approval of their American puppeteers (captured documents at the American base in Gori made that clear… yet the Anglo liars continue to deny, deny, deny). Russian forces defeated a Georgian attempt to attack the Roki Tunnel before the Grad attack… it’s not clear whether the attack was merely American-led or that Russian forces captured Americans special ops sorts and sent them back home quietly (I’ve heard both stories; I don’t have enough evidence to vet either one definitively). The Russian forces won because the Georgian forces deserted and went home en masse. The way to Tbilisi was open, but the Russians didn’t go there. That is, they could’ve, but they didn’t. That’s because Russians are qualitatively better people than Anglo Americans are… they don’t believe in “winning is the only thing” as greed-crazed Americans do (we’re sinners… we know that… we don’t view ourselves as “exceptional” and beyond all laws as the demented Anglo American toddlers do). We don’t view ourselves as perfect models for the whole world to emulate as Anglo narcissists do.

Russia won fair n’ square and the Anglo Americans still pout over their defeat (for defeat it was). It’ll be worse after the Americans lose in the Ukraine… betcha that rightwing pukes like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will hold hearings on “Who lost the Ukraine?” I’ll tell you why the Americans will lose in the Ukraine… as in Georgia, they backed pure and unmitigated evil. Full stop. Thus always to tyrants…



Junta Scumbags Break Truce Near Donetsk, Kill Two Civilians and Injure Four



Last night, junta scumbags in Schastye fired on the outskirts of Donetsk. First snipers opened fire, then, junta tanks joined in. DNR government sources said, “During the night, the situation didn’t undergo significant changes and remained tense… at 23.45, the enemy fired Grads at civilian neighbourhoods in Novokuibyshev Raion of Donetsk, killing two civilians and four went to hospital”. The source noted that the VSN continued to honour the ceasefire. VSN sources said that, from 20.00, junta bandits fired artillery and mortars at the eastern part of the Donetsk airport.

24 September 2014




This is what Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio slobber over and approve! If like calls unto like (and it does), that means that the US Republican Party is on the level of the “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” hierarchies… mendacious liars, treacherous killers, and unrepentant thieves. Do note how the Uniates prefer to fire at sleeping civilians with unguided weapons like Grads… and the Americans applaud them for it! Now, that’s a commentary on Uniates and Anglo Americans (it’s why I have nothing but contempt for Rod Dreher and his ilk… they refuse to see this and condemn it in no uncertain terms).


24 September 2014. Sergei Korsun. I Got This Bitch on the Cheap!

00 Sergei Korsun. I got this bitch cheap. 2014


In Russian colloquial usage, сука (suka: bitch) has a somewhat different meaning than it does in American slang usage. Like the Commonwealth usage of “cunt”, it applies to men, too! That is, it doesn’t just apply to noisome females… a suka in Russian is more like the English “son of a bitch” or “scumbag” (making it a synonym/cognate of the Commonwealth “cunt”). For instance, after the VOV, there were the Suka Wars (Bitch Wars) in the labour camps, where the vori (“thieves in law”) squared off against the suki (criminals who’d served in the forces during the VOV). It was so bad that the camps had to segregate the suki from the vori. If you call a man a suka, you insult him mightily… them be fightin’ words, chum.

It’s clear what the cartoonist’s intent is… in his eyes, the Ukraine is only a scumbag hireling of the USA, one which the Americans themselves hold in contempt. “I got this bitch on the cheap!” Even the Americans don’t believe that the Ukraine can do Russia lasting (or even momentary) harm. The Americans don’t care if the Ukraine lives or dies… it’s momentarily useful, and that’s that. It’s a scathing comment on the Anglo American mentality… I tend to agree, and I’m NOT alone…


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