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Thursday, 25 September 2014

25 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 novorossiya 01. sitrep map. 25.09.14



Happy Jewish New Year 5775… Tizku Leshanim Rabbot! Ne’imot VeTovot!

01 Jewish Year 5772 VOR 10


01 Rosh ha-Shana 5


01 Rosh ha-Shana 3


Tizku Leshanim Rabbot (“may you merit many years”), is the formal Sephardi greeting, to which one answers, Ne’imot VeTovot (“pleasant and good ones”). That’s a good place to start. To all of my friends keeping the holiday… my good wishes… MANY YEARS! Keep the faith…


25 September 2014. Republican Hatred of Russia No New Thing… Quote from 2011 Proves My Point

00 05.12 Political cartoon slashing spending 02


00 Politics. Teabaggers listening to Rush's Fairy Tales. 02.01.14


00 What Would Jesus Do. Terry Jones. Political Cartoon. 9.12

The US Republican Party is WORSE than al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and the Ukrainian junta all rolled into one… it’s the main dynamo behind Godless Mammon… “Winning is the only thing”… “Greed is good”… “The race goes to the swiftest”. Our Lord said, Not all those who say ‘Lord, Lord’ will win the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who argues for Free Market Crapitalism argues for Godless Mammon… if they mouth religious platitudes as they do so, that makes them all the worst… ponder that. 


The hatred of the Republican Party for Russia is well-known. It’s not a new thing, sadly speaking… here’s a quote from D O Rogozin, from 2011:

Rogozin mentioned past meetings that he attended in the US Senate with US Republicans clearly demonstrated “that this part of the American political establishment doesn’t intend to have any business with the Russian Federation”. The Republicans use their “hatred for the incumbent master of the White House to… spoil relations on a global scale” (source).

One reason that the Republicans hate Russia is that it panders to its Know Nothing base. These are mostly Evangelical Sectarians, who hate Christianity (we’re not real Christians in their eyes, dontcha know). Therefore, the GOP panders to their ignorance and hate… leading to policies that harm our Ancestral Motherland and our Church. The Republicans are going to do what they’re going to do… but we as Orthodox shouldn’t vote for them. If they hate us… OK, that’s what they do. However, we’re stupid if we vote for or support ANY Republican candidate. The Republican Party is calling for warlike measures against our Russian Motherland as it hates the very idea of Holy Rus… you see, if there were an independent Holy Rus, people might look to it and its ideology, and not to Toddler Crapitalist America and its Me First Greedster ideology. That’s the situation in a nutshell. Don’t be fooled by GOP bleats of “Pro-Life”… they’re anti-abortion… which isn’t the same thing at all.

As Russian Orthodox Christians, we have an obligation to support Truth, Justice, and Compassion… the GOP supports none of that… it supports Greed, Power, and Might Makes Right. It’s your choice…


Schismatics Seized Orthodox Parish in Rovno Oblast in the Ukraine

00 Slava Ukrainy! 25.08.14

Here is schismatical and Uniate “freedom”… ponder it well, Orthodox…



THIS is how the Unia and Schism operate. The Unia can only exist where a friendly government supports it. The Unia began as treason by higher clergy… they kowtowed to the papist Polish state; the people didn’t want it. When the Polish state fell, the Unia in the lands under Russia faded and died… it had NO popular support. However, the Habsburg authorities outlawed Orthodoxy… the Unia had its fervent patronage. Likewise, the interwar Polish state backed the Unia over the Orthodox… hundreds of Orthodox churches perished in fires or papist mobs seized them. After 1991, the so-called Ukrainian “government” favoured the Uniates and schismatics… it led to armed Uniate and schismatical mobs (paid by the USA, by the way) seizing many parishes, without popular support. V F Yanukovich halted this… it’s the real reason the papists vilify him… he was LESS corrupt than his predecessors and successors were (he WAS corrupt, but he was less corrupt than they were… don’t listen to self-serving papist propaganda… the papists hate him for his firm Orthodoxy and his ties to the Mountain). This is more of the same… the USA giggles its demented approval of this… as does the US Republican Party, in particular. DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER… if you do, you kick your coreligionists in the head with all your might. Think on that…



Members of the uncanonical self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate”, supported by nationalists, seized an Orthodox church in Khodosy in Rovno Raion in Rovno Oblast. Fr Roman Ignatyuk, a local priest who witnessed the incident, told the website of the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, “Several cars drove up, and some tough-looking guys got out. Some were in black camouflage uniforms with yellow armbands. Most likely, they were from the Right Sector”. At that time, the clergy were serving a molieben inside the church. A group of outsiders gathered outside the church, convened a meeting, and held a “vote” on the parish’s affiliation. The believers locked the church up from the inside. Fr Roman stated, “The outsiders staged a real attack on our church. They tried to cut off the lock on the main door, using a grinder. Then, they attempted to force their way in at other doors. In the end, they brought a crowbar and just tore the side-doors off the right side of the choir”. The priests made ​​repeated calls to the SBU and the cops, asking them to come. A cop on the scene stood amongst the attackers and didn’t do anything to impede them. Fr Roman reported, “The believers formed a human shield, not letting the intruders through the broken doors”. The terrorists broke down the central door; they grabbed a priest who tried to stop them by his robes and threw him into the street. Fr Roman said, “Then, they grabbed my arm and leg and wanted to throw me out of the church, too. However, they didn’t succeed in doing that. I escaped; they only tore off a button and a loop on my inner cassock”. Fr Roman noted that outsider schismatical priests led the group, who claimed that the village had voted to join the “Kiev Patriarchate”.

24 September 2014



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