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Sunday, 28 September 2014

“Taped Hands, Gunshot Wounds”: RT Witnesses Exhumation of Mass Graves of Junta Death Squad Victims in Novorossiya

00 They were willing slaves. 28.09.14




A mass grave with bodies bearing signs of violent death, along with grieving relatives trying to identify them… an RT crew in Novorossiya witnessed that blood-curdling scene in a village near Donetsk. VSN soldiers found four bodies in two shell craters behind a burnt-out coalmine near Nizhnyaya Krynka, 35 kilometres northeast of Donetsk. RT’s Mariya Finoshina reported from onsite, “You can see that all the facilities here were abandoned a long time ago. It’s a very remote area; apparently, those who did this didn’t want anyone to find these corpses”. One of the four victims was 21-year-old Nikita Kolomytsev, a local resident, whose grieving mother Galina arrived at the scene to identify her son. She told us, “I couldn’t stand for him to be killed and be thrown like a dog somewhere… I had to come and identify him”. Galina said that she fled to the central Ukraine to take her younger 16-year-old son out of harm’s way, but she felt that she’d “failed to protect” her elder son, saying, “The Ukrainian army took [Nikita] away… my husband went there and he told them, ‘Take me instead of my son’, but they said that they took him for a further prisoner swap”. Galina waited for the prisoner exchange so that he could come home, but he never returned to his mother. He added, sobbing, “No one exchanged anybody for anybody. They just shot them dead here outside the village and threw them into the ground… like dogs”.

Konstantin Gerasimenko, chief medical examiner, stated, “All four victims… they’re all male… have multiple gunshot wounds to head and body. They taped their hands taped their backs. Some of them were only in their underwear”. Our crew also visited another grave that the OSCE monitors discovered, located just 3 kilometres from the first site. Initially, it looks like a mound, with five names written on a plaque on top of it, all in Russian. Officials weren’t able to reach the area immediately; the junta troops laid landmines. They only just started the exhumation. One of those who took part in the exhumation told RT that they found five bodies, which already started decomposing. The plaque on top of the grave had four names on it, with a space for a fifth name, which was blank, with only a number there. All four names had the victims’ dates of birth and death. The dates of death were all the same… 27 August. An inscription on the plague read, “Died for Putin’s lies”. We tried to find any eyewitnesses who could throw light on the incident. One local said, “I know nothing. Ukrainian troops came here and they told us to leave and we fled… we just came back recently”. According to Yevgeni, another local, “A camouflaged car with people from the DNR inside came here… they gunned down all of them at short-range”.

VSN troops discovered the graves on 23 September, responding to intel from locals, who said that junta forces left mass graves of death squad victims. Villagers said that two days before the bodies were discovered, junta Natsgadi irregulars were in the area. On Friday, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission confirmed that the VSN found three unmarked graves allegedly containing many bodies. Two of them were located in the Komunar coalmine, near Nizhnyaya Krynka, and one inside the village. When asked about the discovery, the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Ilkka Kanerva, told RT, “Of course, the OSCE monitoring mission in there must be also very concerned about that”. On Wednesday, the head of the RF Presidential Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, called on the authorities to do everything to “ensure an independent international probe” and “let international human rights activists and journalists” gain access to the site in Novorossiya. On Friday, Foreign Minister S V Lavrov stated that Moscow would pursue an open and independent inquiry into the killings of people found in mass graves in Novorossiya, saying, “Already in the last [OSCE] report, which was presented in Vienna, the first signs confirmed that the victims were civilians, and that they were shot at close range, and before that, they could’ve been abused. All this worries us very much. We can’t blame anyone until we see the results of the investigation”.

28 September 2014




Let’s keep it simple… the Galician Uniates, as an institution and as a group, are treacherous and murderous. Look at their role in the murder of St Maksim Sandovich… look at their role as snitches and rat-finks who sent people to the Habsburg concentration camps in World War One… look at their role as willing SS volunteers (they were “freiwillige”, indeed!), brutal concentration camp guards, and running dog Auxiliary Police for the Nazi occupiers… look at their murder of Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik… look at their beating of Fr Mikhail Shuvar (which led to his untimely death)… look at their torture of Lvov KPU Obkom member R S Vasilko. I seem to see a pattern here. There are good individuals enmeshed in the Unia, but they REFUSE to condemn the blood-soaked legacy of the UGKTs. Therefore, as a matter of prudence, avoid anyone who’s “Ukrainian Catholic” or “Ukrainian Orthodox”… their institutions DEFEND murder and brutality… no Christian can have concord with such.

The Unia was crank from its beginning in 1596. Do note how they steal Cossack imagery and costume, in particular. All real Cossacks HATE the Unia and everything that it stands for. Opposition to the Unia was one of the bedrock planks in the Cossack Credo. Therefore, for Uniates to use our Orthodox Cossack imagery isn’t only false and disingenuous… it’s the parasitical action of those, who lacking any real culture of their own, steal from others. They’re much like their Anglo American toddler puppeteers in that, aren’t they? Like DOES call unto like and shitbirds of a feather DO flock together.

 The Anglo Americans and Galicians are similar in their base ruthlessness and wanton cruelty… what’s the difference between “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” and “A knife for the Moskali?” What’s the difference between the recent murders in the Ukraine and the all-too-recent lynchings in the American South? NONE! Both were malicious acts of racists who hated the “other”. There’s no difference between a George Zimmerman and a Turdchinov… the only difference is that Mr Zimmerman doesn’t have the power of a state apparat to indulge his hatred, but Turdchinov does (remember, Turdchinov was the point-man in the Ukraine for the Bushie “extraordinary rendition” tortures). Fallen world that we live in, isn’t it?

Evil is evil, and that’s that. To support the Uniate murderers and the American-fomented situation in the Ukraine is to confess yourself an Amoral Narcissistic Nihilist, and there’s nothing more to say on the matter, is there? You MUST choose… so, choose wisely…


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