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Sunday, 28 September 2014

What Did the Junta Aggressors Leave Behind Them? Dozens of Bodies in Mass Graves!

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The mass graves left by the junta death squads in the Donbass contain dozens of bodies. Just today, the DNR found three mass graves in different localities. The largest contained the remains of more than 30 victims. Already, it’s clear that atrocities and abuses against the civilian population were widespread wherever the junta aggressors operated. When the Natsgadi retreated, people found new graves. Local people tell you about the graves left by the junta death squads. Just yesterday, they found one of these graves, with the bodies of men and women with hands bound with duct tape. This was a mass shooting of civilians. Now, news is out of many graves of such shooting victims. You find them in Kommunar, Nizhnyaya Krynka, Telmanovo, and Starobeshevo. They could contain hundreds of victims. Those who the junta troops didn’t shoot, they terrorised. Locals told us, “They took vodka and staggered around drunk. They plundered us; they stole our vehicles and things”. In Panteleyevka, once under Natsgadi occupation, the villagers called the junta soldiers “occupiers”. They didn’t allot any food for the civilian population. They left the people with nothing… and with moods to match. Looting and robberies are the norm wherever the so-called “Ukrainian” state rules. For many days, whole families lived in basements, afraid to go out. Normal life is returning to areas where, only a few days ago, junta death squads bossed the locals. In Vasilevka, the junta forces fled a few days and moved out. Now, the VSN holds the town, so, the people are also coming back. Today, it’s raining, so, the going is tough in front of the friendly positions. The dirt roads are seas of mud, only the most powerful off-road vehicles can use them. The patriot forces are on alert in the trenches and dugouts around the clock. Everybody at the front is talking about a few large graves that are on neutral territory.

25 September 2014

Russkaya Vesna



The so-called “National Guard” is militarily useless, but they’re good at brutalising civilians. They’re the worthy sons of the UPA filth. Just as their grandfathers murdered Poles, Magyars, Russians, Jews, Roma, and dissident Galicians, their grandsons show no mercy or compassion in Novorossiya. The Galician Uniates were traitors and murderers in the VOV… their heroes are convicted terrorist murderers (S A Bandera was in a Polish prison for a reason). They glorify collaborators, so, does it surprise you that they do likewise? The Uniates were willing hangsmen for the Habsburgs… they were willing hangsmen for the Nazis… so, why is it a surprise to find them willing hangsmen for the narcissist Anglo American toddlers? The Unia is a rabid dog… you can’t negotiate with it… you can only shoot it. What can one do with those caught up in the snares of this Curial project? If they’re willing to leave it… that’s good. If not… we must remove them from the Rodina. They were vicious in 1612, 1914, and 1941… and in 2014, too. We must remove them… with correctness, with no hate, with no nastiness, but with firm resolve. “Renounce the Unia or leave”… that’s the only course open to Christians in Novorossiya in dealing with Uniates. Things have come to that… we DO live in a fallen world.


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