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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1 October 2014. WWJD? Go Ye Therefore and Do LIKEWISE!

00 Jesus FLOGS the Bankers. 01.10.14


00 What would Jesus Do... 01.10.14


Register and vote! Mark that ballot “AGAINST” the Republican Party and its soulless grasp for global hegemony as the political arm of the American oligarchs. Keep the GOP out of power… or, you’ll regret it more than anything else that’s happened to you…

After all, the First Century equivalents of the Republicans tacked Our Lord Christ up to a cross… and felt damned good about it, too. That sort hasn’t changed one bit.



1 October 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Uniate “Peace”

00 Donetsk. Uniate peace. 01.10.14


00 Louis Raemaekers. The Very Stones Cry Out. 1914

The Very Stones Cry Out

Louis Raemaekers


This is appropriate as the Galician Uniates suck up to the Germans big-time and are their willing bully boys and hangsmen. They finked on their neighbours for the Habsburgs… they murdered wantonly for the Nazis… which inspired them to do it on their own nickel. Today, they care not what they destroy… the very stones of the smashed buildings testify to their godlessness and evil.


The people of Novorossiya spoke in the referenda… but the Uniate pigs refuse to accept that. They want all “Ukrainians” to kiss the Pope’s ass, as they do. They’re willing to do anything, kill anyone, and do what it takes to do that. They don’t want to do it the right way, the Christian way… that’d take decades, if it worked at all (which it wouldn’t). They want to do it QUICKLY… through violence… through theft… through rape… through murder. The events of the last eight months have shown me the Dark Heart of the Unia… I’m not the only Orthodox person to have seen it. It’s WORSE than our worst imaginings… it’s been a Satanic Danse Macabre Writ Large. The Very Stones Cry Out… that was the title of Louis Raemaekers’ famous graphic of a century ago. The Germans haven’t changed… their Galician Uniate Uriah Heeps haven’t either.

This is the “peace” of the Unia… ponder it well…


OSCE Experts: 400 Bodies Found in Mass Graves near Donetsk, Many May Lack Saleable Internal Organs

00 donetsk mass grave. 01.10.14


On the TV channel “112 Ukraina”, OSCE Special Representative on Combating Trafficking in Human Biomaterial Madina Dzharbusynova stated that the possibility exists that the bodies found in mass graves in the Donbass could be without saleable internal organs, saying, “At a meeting of the OSCE focusing on implementing human rights obligations, members of NGOs working in this field pointed up that there were reports of mass graves in [Novorossiya], where, according to their testimony, the bodies buried lacked their internal organs, so, they raised a concern that there might be an illicit trade in such”.

29 September 2014


Latvian activist Einārs Graudiņš told Rossiskaya Gazeta that unidentified bodies of civilians are in Donetsk morgues after their removal from mass graves. Graudiņš visited two mass graves as part of a group of eight EU experts, accompanied by DNR and LNR officials. He said that the bodies were only under a thin layer of soil cover, it was clear that someone hastily threw the bodies into the pits. DNR security forces are exhuming the bodies from the graves, documenting the removal of each body, and conducting an initial examination before sending the bodies to the morgue. Graudiņš stated, “Currently, there are round 400 unidentified corpses just in Donetsk morgues. Obviously, that number will grow as we discover more graves and exhume the bodies”. Local women told him that junta soldiers looted their homes and lined up at the post office to send the loot home. Graudiņš noted, “We were approached by a group of women. They said that mercenaries from the Azov and Donbass battalions subjected all the women of the village to frequent gang-rapes. Victims of abuse included teenage girls, girls under 12-years-old, and elderly women”.

30 September 2014

Rossiya Segodnya




This fits the MO of the Galician Uniates in the VOV… they did the same thing, then, at the behest of the fascist occupiers, whom they served with doglike loyalty and obedience. Note well the silence of the western whore media (it’s why I despise Sophia Kishkovsky, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Terrence Mattingly, and Victor Potapov)… just as they’re silent about the truth in Syria and Serbia. Also, note that the Galician Uniate “soldiers” sent home their loot… Novorossiya isn’t in the lap of luxury, but it’s far better off than Galicia is… Galicia is the Skid Row of the Ukraine; it’s the Dogpatch of Eastern Europe. Therefore, many of the Galician Uniates see service in Novorossiya as an opportunity to steal… they’re better at that and brutalising civilians than they are at stand-up fighting. However, to cut out organs for sale to rich Europeans and Americans… that’s a new low, even for Galician Uniates. I seem to recall that the Kosovar Albanians do the same thing… the USA does have plenty of Affluent Effluent buyers for the organs… after all, those peasants don’t deserve to live… they didn’t WORK like the American suburbanites do!

I think that I’m going to walk away from this one… I’ve covered some evil shit, but this one…


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