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Thursday, 2 October 2014

2 October 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 novorossiya. sitrep map. 03.10.14


More reports are coming in on the fall of Donetsk Airport… but I’d like to see some images before I call it for certain. Goofy shit happens in war…



SK RF Stated that Over 13,000 Civilians are Victims of War Crimes in the Present Ukrainian Civil War

00 Lugansk. dead kid. Novorossiya. 11.06.14


On Thursday, the acting Head of Department for the Investigation of Crimes in the SK RF, Aleksandr Drymanov, stated that his investigators estimated that at least 13,500 Ukrainian civilians are victims of war crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. He said, “Currently, about we recognise approximately 13,500 Ukrainians as victims in a criminal case. These are Ukrainian citizens who’ve crossed into Russia, who fled Ukrainian jurisdiction”. Drymanov pointed up that these innocent civilians suffered emotional, physical, and other kinds of harm.

2 October 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


BREAKING NEWS… INITIAL REPORT… “We Took the [Donetsk] Airport. Glory to the Living and Eternal Memory to Those Who’ll Sleep There Forever”

00 donetsk 02. 05.06.14



“Yes, we took the airport. Glory to the living! Eternal memory to those who’ll sleep there forever! Rest in peace, brothers”. Don’t forget, the battle for the airport lasted five months. In recent days, VSN spetsnaz staged strong attacks on the buildings and strongpoints held by junta forces. After clearing out the terminal, VSN recon groups reconnoitred the bunkers, where many of the occupiers concentrated. Advanced forces reported that the ceiling in the old terminal building collapsed, falling three floors… burying many of the junta terrorists alive under the rubble. At the same time, Novorossiyan journalists reported that the ceiling in the old terminal collapsed, “Advanced units report that the ceiling in the old Donetsk Airport terminal collapsed three floors… burying many thugs alive under the rubble. The opolchenie continue to mop up remaining [enemy] forces within the airport perimeter”. Four hours ago, Roman Donik, a well-known volunteer in the junta forces, posted, “Another wave of panic hit the airport. This forces me to be brief; we’re hitting the road. The airport is ours. The second floor collapsed, but our guys are holding. We repelled an attack. We’re under heavy Grad bombardment”.

3 October 2014

Russkaya Vesna


2 October 2014. REAL Muslims DISOWN ISIS. Here’s the Real Deal…

00  #NotInMyName 02. 02.10.14


00 #NotInMyName 01. 02.10.14


00 #NotInMyName 03. 02.10.14



03b Bulgariya disaster


03f Bulgariya disaster


03e Bulgariya disaster

Russians of all faiths mourned the dead of the Bulgariya together… these Muslims are the real followers of the Prophet… not the ISIS murderers. Get a grip and a get a life…


Millions of Muslims around the world hate the impression peddled in some quarters about their religion, and I can understand why. You see descriptions of Muslims as blood-drinking terrorists, intent on murdering Christians on sight. That’s simply not true. I like to recall that when a Volga passenger vessel went down a few years ago, there were THREE memorial services… one at the Orthodox cathedral, one at the main mosque in town, and a secular ceremony held at the main pier. Now, that’s the ticket! Everybody went to everybody else’s ceremony… and showed RESPECT. Now, that’s the RUSSIAN way… the way of Holy Rus… as Tsar St Nikolai showed in his actions (he learned some Arabic to show proper honour to the fact that this was the faith of many of his subjects… yes, he visited mosques, and showed proper respect when he was there). This is how we should act, too.


I’m on your side, guys. Keep the faith…


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