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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Novorossiya Unrolls Its New Currency

00 Novorossiya money 01. 04.10.14


00 Novorossiya money 02. 04.10.14


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00 novorossiya. money 04. 04.10.14


The new project of Novorossiya’s national currency is qualitatively different from anything done in this direction before. According to information on RuNet, Dmitri Nikolayevich Zagorenko, an expert on the monetary systems in the SNG, designed the banknotes. In accordance with statements of the Novorossiya Government, the denominations of the Novorossiya Rouble notes are similar to their analogues in Russian usage.  The designs are ready for production.

  • 5 Roubles: Grey, Purple. Concept: history of Donetsk. The obverse portrays John Hughes, the founder of Donetsk; “Palma Mertsalova”; building of the railway station in Donetsk. The reverse features the monument “Glory to Miner’s work” and the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Donetsk.
  • 10 Roubles: Concept: Music, Scythian roots, the Donetsk steppe. The obverse portrays Sergei Prokofiev (born Krasnoarmeisk), Soviet composer; stylised image of a piano; fragment notation Dance of the Knights. On the reverse, Holy Assumption Church in Konstantinovka, statue Scythian king in landscape park “Kleban-Byk” near Konstantinovka.
  • 50 Roubles: Concept: geographic research, Azov. On the front, a portrait of Georgi Sedov, Russian hydrographer, Arctic explorer; sailboat; compass; a map for the Sedov polar expedition. On the back, the monument “Angel of Peace” in Donetsk and St George Cathedral in Makeyevka.
  • 100 Roubles: Olive, Orange. Concept: military history, cinema, Slavyansk, The obverse portrays Leonid Bykov (born in Slavyansk), Soviet actor, screenwriter; image plane. The reverse has Holy Resurrection Church in Slavyansk, statue of the Soldier (Saur-Mogila memorial complex) near Snezhnoye.
  • 500 Roubles: Purple, Violet. Concept: fine art, metallurgy, Mariupol. On the front, a portrait of artist Arkhip Kuindzhi (born in Mariupol); brush, palette. On the reverse, St Nicholas Cathedral and the monument “Metallurg” in Mariupol.
  • 1,000 Roubles: Emerald, Gold, Burgundy. Concept: Lugansk. The obverse portrays Vladimir Dal (born in Lugansk), Slavonic scholar, encyclopaedist, and populariser of the Russian language. On the reverse, St Vladimir Cathedral in Lugansk.
  • 5,000 Roubles: Red-Orange, Grey, Blue. Concept: politics, politics DNR, continuity, a popular uprising, Spirituality. the obverse portrays Artyom (Fyodor Sergeyev), the founder of the Republic of Donetsk-Krivoy Rog, the flag and Supreme Soviet building of the DNR. On the reverse, Holy Assumption Lavra in Svyatogorsk and Artyom monument in Donetsk.

3 October 2014

Russkaya Vesna




Note well that none of the fascist filth glorified by the Galician Uniates are on these banknotes. Any group that honours S A Bandera is nothing but a criminal gang, as Bandera was a murderer who was rightly in a Polish prison. Also note that these notes honour the Soviet legacy and the heroism of the Red heroes of the VOV. Anglo America supports the side that supported the Nazis in the VOV! American Jews support the Nazi-lovers! Isn’t that degenerate and obscene? Also note that the Roman Catholic hierarchy supports the Nazi-lovers… they bless the Uniate filth who worship the SS volunteers who fought for Hitler.

Evil is evil… a monastic in the Russian diaspora in China between the wars said, “What started in Russia, will end in America”. He meant rampant godlessness, of course. When one looks at John McCain, Franklin Graham, and Rush Limbaugh… one sees what he was talking about. “Greed is good”… “Winning is the only thing”… such statements are anathema to any true follower of Our Lord Christ. Do reflect well on the fact that they’re the bedrock of the US Republican Party. “What started in Russia, will end in America”… only V I Lenin was a far better human being than greedsters like Willy Romney… Ilyich never stole nor did he put on airs. V I Lenin was a complex figure… Willard Romney and Franklin Graham are not… the first was both good and evil in equal measure… the latter are simply thieves and liars. Note well that the Republican Party prefers the latter.

What we put on our money DOES say much about us…



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