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Sunday, 5 October 2014

HH Sent Birthday Greetings to A G Lukashenko… but NOT to John Kerry or Rush Limbaugh!

00 Patr Kirill and Pres Lukashenko 01a 14.10.12




His Excellency Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko

President of the Republic of Belarus

Your Excellency, Highly Esteemed Aleksandr Grigoryevich:

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on this remarkable date… your 60th birthday… along with wishes of good health, spiritual fortitude, and abundant help from the Lord in your work as President of the Republic of Belarus. Your many talents, including your ability to hear people explain the problems vexing them, and your great experience allowed you to effectively solve the numerous problems faced by your country, and helped you to take balanced decisions on issues that affect the well-being of your compatriots. It’s gratifying to note that an all-round development of public and social life in the Republic of Belarus and consolidating of fraternal relations and allied relations with other Slavic nations bound by a common faith, history, and moral and cultural values marked the years of your presidency. On behalf of the fullness of the Russian Orthodox Church, I’d like to thank you for the attention and support that you give to the Exarchate of Belarus. I’m convinced that a constructive and fruitful coöperation between Church and State leads to a spiritually strong, healthy, and stable society. May Merciful God bless your work for the benefit of the Belarusian people, giving you the patience and continued success in your high and responsible service as President of the Republic of Belarus.

With deep respect,


Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

30 August 2014


MP official website



5 October 2014. “My Name is Islam”… Real-Deal Home Truths from Feet-on-the-Street Real People

00 Muslim Imam at the Christmas Readings. 18.02.14



“Yes, there are those who kill and bomb in my name,
But if I don’t approve, then why am I to be blamed?
In every religion, you’ll find those who abuse it,
Thinking they have a permit,
To do wrong”.

I need add nothing… but “Amen”… don’t listen to Rush, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, or John McCain… they DO have agendas…

Those who hate have no belief in their souls and hearts… ’nuff said!


5 October 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… “Svoboda is Just a Group of Common-Garden Euro-Populists”

00 Slappy the Squirrel... It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood


A US government source said, “Svoboda is just a group of common-garden Euro-Populists”… I shit you not. Using that logic, the White Citizens Council and the KKK are no more dangerous than the PTA and League of Women Voters. That’s what our government says… scary, ain’t it? You see, if they countenance it there, well, what’s to keep them from allowing it here? Do you want mass graves in the USA? That’s what they smile at by calling Svoboda “common-garden Euro-Populists”. However, the US aggressors got something wrong… all the populists in Europe are ANTI-EU! Who woulda thunk it! That is, all the Euro-Populists are Nationalists, and they oppose the EU and NATO! Imagine that… but after all, no one said that John McCain, Jen Psaki, Ted Cruz, and John Kerry were Einsteins… as Slappy the Squirrel would say, “Now, THAT’S comedy!”


5 October 2014. “I’m Against American Aggression in Hong Kong”… Vid from Novorossiya Supporting China (English subs)

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Well, it looks like the west has 'bird flu'. 2014



“I’m against American aggression in Hong Kong”. Didn’t you find it “coincidental” that riots broke out in China soon after Russia and China made a major agreement wetting down their alliance? Firstly, China will NOT make the mistakes of Tiananmen… there’ll be no bloodshed. The riots will end… the government will end them… but without the kerfuffle of Tiananmen. China supports the freedom-loving Christian Socialist patriots of Novorossiya. No wonder that Langley wants to destabilise them. Don’t fall for American propaganda… support China! China supports Russia and stands against American aggression in the Ukraine. “I’m against American aggression in Hong Kong”… you won’t be alone.


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